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  1. Hi Guys, I was wondering whether there are any dinner clubs in Sheffield or whether anyone would be interested? Its becoming a big thing in many cities - someone posts a menu, time date and area of Sheffield for example, a number of people respond and then the host invites a some of them - 8 for example (however many they can seat at home). The person then cooks. Guests BYO and make an anonymous contribution to costs. Opportunity to meet random / interesting people who have a shared interest - food! What do you think? Any takers?
  2. I may come too. Broke up with OH on Friday (after 4yrs) and in need of cheering up! I'll see if I can make it.
  3. I fly to the US quite a bit and am actually off to Washington and NYC in Nov - can't wait! Depending where you are flying from and to, you may have to change, so although this can make the trip longer, it breaks it up a bit. As others have said, take books and thinsg to keep you entertained. To and from the US, you are pretty much guarenteed to have inflight entertainment and some complimentary drinks. As for webistes Travel Supermarket or Expedia are good sites to start.
  4. The patisseries are delicious from there. All home made by their pastry chef. There is a huge variety of cakes and pastries, large and small, all very french and fabulous. Really good value too.
  5. Vias waiver, compeleted before travel.
  6. Hi There, At the begining of this year we re-homed a 12yr old border collie, unfortunately, she hasn't reallty fitted in or settled with us at all - well me, more than my partner. She is very determined and has at times been aggressive with me. It has now got to the point where I don't trust her. We think (after speaking to the vet and watching her behaviour and speaking to a dog trainer) that she is vying for alpha bitch status. We do also have a 12 yo staffy / springer mix who is absolutely fine. Her previous home was with an older gentleman who treated her like a child (given chocolate eclairs for treats, eat when she wants as opposed to when she is fed, sleep on the furniture etc...). We treat her like a dog and if i try to discipline her, move her, basically anything she doesn't want to do she becomes aggresive with me. She is fine with my partner. It has come to the stage where she is causing pressure in our relationship and it's time to go. If I have no luck now, i will see what the pdsa etc say. Vital Stats... Reason for Rehome / Sale - as above Time Scale – How Urgent? - asap Sale Amount - free Has the Dog been in Rescue - not as far as we are aware Location - walkley Age & Sex - 12, female Breed/ Mix - border collie tri colour and a little bit of something else! KC Registered - not sure what this means, so assume no. Approximate size - standard border collie Exercise Needed - likes twice daily walks, will go for as long as you can handle, but also happy with a quick one. Neutered & Micro chipped - yes Vaccinated & Wormed - yes Live in / out - in, but i thin she'd be happy outside as long as she had a bed in the kennel Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals - Dogs yes, cats not sure. Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues - as above and gets itchy (not fleas). also has fatty lump on leg. no issue though. Temperament - loves men, not too sure about women. Good or Bad with Children - don't know. Dislike of Men or Women - dislikes me! OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals - fine with dogs. Will chase cats and not sure what she'd do if she caught one. If I'm honest, I wouldn't trust her with a cat. Travel OK in Car - yes, bit shaky at first. Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time - yes Destructive Behaviour - no. Barks - yes - good guard dog. Pull on the lead - no Crate trained - yes Housetrained - yes I think she would suit a single man or an outdoor life very well. Any takers?
  7. We have always got the train down the night before and stayed in a cheap(ish) hotel. Far more relaxed, no worries and you can begin your hols a night early. If you can get advance train tickets - really good value too. Tube is dead easy from St pancras and if you go down the night before, no worries about delays etc. Also, driving back when you come home is torture, it'll be an overnight flight back from Boston and you will be completely knackered. the train is quicker and easier, but make sure you leave yourelf plenty of time from landing (expectedlanding time) to the train leaving time.
  8. We go to the US about once every 8 months. Have you been before? What kind of Holiday are you after (as I think someone else has asked) and when are you thinking of going? if you want something completely different, how about a ranching holiday? I have too many fave places that I have been to over the pond. As a rule, most 3* plus hotels are more than adequate as are the chains such as super 8. food and drink is cheap, espesh when the dollar is weak against the pound. Travel Supermarket is a good place to look for costs of flights and hotels and then its worth checking on trip advisor for real customer Reviews. I may be going to NYC in Novemeber for a bruce concert, if not, back to MSP for all sorts of fun and games next Aug! Good luck with the holiday hunting.
  9. Thanks Munky I will probably go back to my GP and I have mentioned stress etc to them before but got fobbed off. I will try again and be more forceful.
  10. I know exactly what it stems back to. It's just dealing with that now and the knock on effect that is the problem.
  11. Hi All, I have a need to control everything, particularly at home, and I also have a real issue with trust. As you can imagine this is causing real issues in relationships. Does anyone know of any self help groups in Sheffield where I could discuss the above? If not, any words of advice or coping strategies would be greatly appreciated. Thanks BB
  12. Going to see: BB King in June at Arena Neil Young at Hard Rock Calling Festival in June Dave Matthews Band at Hard Rock Calling in June The Boss who is headlining Hard Rock Calling in June! The Boss, in Dublin That's it for now!
  13. These 2 are great and i have seen Clapton a few times before - excellent! They are touring together at the mo and are playing MEN this month.
  14. I agree with a couple of the other poster on this thread - some nice CLEAN shops selling nice clothes. Independant shops and some nice wine bars and cafe's. Eccy rd is a good example. I don't think the tram is an issue at all, there are so many local residents that most people who would chose to shop in Hillsb would walk. At the mo, it's full of generic travel agents offering chav holidays, poor green grocers and butchers and far too many charity shops. There is no class at all to Hillsb, its just cheap and run down. How many more home bargin, farm foods, bargin basement shops can one place take - yuk! Hills needs some youth and vitality injected into it. It needs cleaning up.
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