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  1. niallzi

    Do you feel safe in Sheffield?

    Close! "We're promoting a new Jamaican bar" they had Caribbean accents so we put two and two together. Would you prefer it if I just changed this to "we were approached by two people?"
  2. niallzi

    Do you feel safe in Sheffield?

    Because they said they were and that they were promoting a new bar.
  3. niallzi

    Do you feel safe in Sheffield?

    Agreed, and I do to an extent try to follow the rule of not creating problems until they are problems. Me and my mate had a rather nasty experience earlier in the year where we were approached by two Jamaican fellows outside the bankers draft who claimed to be promoting a new bar (though couldn't provide any details such as a name or location). They kept asking us questions about if we had certain memberships or apps, basically trying to get us to take out our phones and wallets, and kept surrounding us if we tried to shuffle off. Eventually we managed to get away when a bouncer appeared outside the door. Unfortunately when you have experiences like that, you become apprehensive and cautious.
  4. niallzi

    Do you feel safe in Sheffield?

    They're basic human emotions called anxiety and apprehension. I mean we could all walk around in denial with happy faces and ignore the state of society at the moment
  5. Be fair, they've chopped down the trees but planted plenty of new spice heads
  6. niallzi

    Do you feel safe in Sheffield?

    No...honestly no. Walking through town even on a Saturday afternoon, you constantly run into people who look as though they could mug or start on you for no reason. I can't remember the last time I saw a policeman / woman on a regular patrol around the city centre.
  7. niallzi

    Public litter bins

    The one near Tinsley Marina doesn't get emptied regularly at all. Last month, the council actually cut around the overflowing rubbish when they were doing the grass.
  8. niallzi

    Fire Rother Valley

    You could see the smoke from Killamarsh. Apparently it was in the little wooded area behind the stables / cafe etc.
  9. I think its a good idea, they've already implemented something similar for Killamarsh by sending the 72 from Crystal Peaks to the city centre straight down the parkway, whilst the 71 continues to serve Mosborough, Birley etc and goes the old route into town.
  10. niallzi

    Bar Billiards table

    Cross Scythes on Derbyshire lane Decent Thornbridge beers too! Worth noting that the bar billiards table is in the adult-only room.
  11. Ditto. "There's four lanes, I'm in the third...I think I need to go into the first :loopy:"
  12. I used to have a vendetta against Park Square but since using it every rush hour for the past 6 months, I've realised it really isn't that bad if you just use common sense and follow the signs.
  13. Thank you! I tried to make this point a couple of months ago Keep the stories coming...
  14. I think if you look hard enough you can still find lots of traditional pubs pocketed in most towns and cities. Trippet Lane is another example in Sheffield, tucked behind West Street.

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