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  1. I don’t doubt it , no wonder the local resident association are upset . I don’t agree with creating ghetto’s to house these people , but it must be annoying for the people who have paid a lot of money to live in an up and coming area and find they’re living on Skid row .
  2. A lot of the street drinkers begging around West street live in the High rise flats in Upperthorpe and Netherthorpe . I see them regularly as I live on Infirmary road and they come down to the Tesco and to the Polish grocers ( the east European beer can be very strong ) , They must like Tesco as they hang around the West street store as well , I wonder if they have a Clubcard ?
  3. Thanks for your reply , Hillsboro . I had read the Wickipedia article before , what I’m interested in is the charity providing the accommodation.
  4. Does anyone have any information about the , Shrewsbury Almshouses on Norfolk road , Norfolk Park ? Are they connected to the George Woofindin Almshouses?
  5. I have to agree with your comment regarding the cleanliness of the toilets , the regular cleaning is of a poor standard to begin with , but to add to that the people using the toilets don’t care about other users . Also a lot of the people using them are not Market users they just come in to use the facilities .
  6. I’ve noticed that a lot of food retailers , usually Fruit & Veg shops /stalls have got around the weight problem by selling by quantity, ie: 4 jacket potatoes for a £1 , 10 Clementines for £1.50 etc . I’ve noticed it all over . I may sound cynical but I’m guessing this works better for the retailers than the customer.
  7. My sister in law would rather pay for a Taxi than attempt to cross Brookhill , but I have always found the Ring road / Ecclesall rd junction worse .
  8. John Bedford , was my first workplace , I was 15 and employed as a file cutter ,I lasted about three weeks , thank god for technology .
  9. This shop was a General store , it sold some grocery items , sweets etc .
  10. MY Mom always used these terms and I sometimes use them myself but it's very rare I hear anyone else use them .
  11. Idon't think this option will work , the council have just allowed , yet another , late night off license on West street , against many objections from residents , business's and user's of that area . This council don't listen , they have an arrogant contempt for the people they are supposed to represent .
  12. That is cruel , so , so cruel , here I am drowning my sorrows , another year in oblivion and you come along and rub my nose in it . ---------- Post added 30-04-2016 at 20:56 ---------- I've read all the post's so far in this thread and I have to admit I've had a good laugh and agree with most of the comments . I read the Star Monday to Saturday and I find it informative on many local issues , a lot of the national press are infamous for their " Typo's " , the " Graudian " leading the field and the Star being a local paper will always concentrate on local events , but , like our politicians , if you want it to change let it know , give them your opinion .
  13. Everything you have reported is correct , I would just like to add that there is a public pedestrian walkway through the building , this public path has always been denied by the authorities , if you know the building you may have noticed the large ornate metal gates blocking the walkway . Years ago when I was a child you could get the tram or bus all the way down the Moor and up London road , and many people, either shopping or going on a night out, would regularly use this route .
  14. Was the "Grindstone" a seperate pub to the The Old Grindstone " ? Which still stands on the corner of Crookes road and Crookes .
  15. There is a short article about it in today's "star" , including a 'photo , 16.03.2016 .
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