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  1. anybody know of anybody looking for some cats? there is a family of 3 cats looking for a new home, mum 5, dad 6 and daughter 4 that need rehoming. One is maine coon and the daughter is half. FYI Maine coon is a rare and sometimes valuable breed of cat often sought after. This is a hard decision for me as I don't want to rehome them but my reasons are three fold and will be discussed in detail on the phone if you are interested. The status quo in our house has changed a lot and my dog and other cat are very much happy but separate from these three cats who don't seem settled like they used to be. The three cats get on really well with each other so will need to go to the same home. All house trained, spayed, chipped etc. Please PM me with a phone number and ill get in touch.
  2. sorry to drag up a old thread, but does anybody have any more updates to the list, looking to get some for a rally in June
  3. avoid 123reg like the plague, unless you want a slow server. The web hosting is great from a functionality and usability point of view but the servers performance lets it down. GoDaddy is not much better IMO, their usability lets them down although they do have good support. I have read of others complaining about slow servers from them. The only service im happy with is PAYH which have some fairly archaic support lines and this lets them down with quite severe downtime and slow problem resolve times. Otherwise they are fast. I would expect to pay between £100 and £200 for a full multi site, high bandwidth, high performance server for hosting.
  4. I have a Tecumseh 3.5 HP Vantage lawnmower, I seem to have the only working engined version for sale on the web, the problem is that the plastic base it mounts to is wrecked. I think the wife has hit a rock with it and its snapped the mounts now so its no longer secure. Its not like me to throw away anything that works in the majority so im trying to source a body ( deck as its called in the industry), plastic or metal, to fix this old faithful lawnmower. Anybody know where I can find one??? thanks Denis
  5. im shocked at how many votes Tinsley has, I lived there for some time, around 4 years and I never disliked it to the degree of others on this thread. I could see the motorway but the noise was not noticeable and in fact I benefited from my close proximity to the motorway and the short travel times I had. I also paid peanuts for the house and gained massively as the property prices around there soared! It was an ideal first home but for a family I would recommend large housing, Tinsley houses are typically at the smaller ends of the scale. So for me, far from depressing. For me my vote is not Tinsley, but Southey Green and surrounding areas including Parsons Cross and Shire Green, there seems to be no community spirit in that part of town for me at least. The area has been ruined by crime which seems to be the only message to take away despite its location on top of the hills and property not being too old. I could be wrong but its identified in my mind as a area with intensive and severe crime issues. I cant imagine living there and would personally choose Tinsley anytime.
  6. Basically I have a xfactor style booth that I use in marketing my brand, a budding participant steps in recording themselves singing in a green screen environment and once completed puts in their details to email themselves the video, once they have it at home they can watch but most importantly share with their social media of choice. Each week we select 4 of the uploaders and send them a high value product. It seems to work well with karaoke nights and were usually welcomed in by landlords and DJs as for them it gives them the ability to advertise that there are prizes to be won. On slow nights some of my colleages have also put money behind the bar to tempt more people to have a go, a drink per entry sort of thing. Im not sure where that is but ill get googling.
  7. where can I find Karaoke events going on in July??? A bit of a strange request I know but I have a opportunity specifically linking in to karaoke and would like to get a karaoke bar involved if such a thing exists in Sheffield. google searches only seem to bring up places that have closed down so it might need to be a normal pub/bar thats holding some karaoke evenings??? Your help appreicated!
  8. We wondered if it housed a cable but the hook isn't always inline with the next hook (ie if the bathroom has a higher/smaller window the hook is higher up the house) we're stumped!
  9. They are outside under the top windows. They are on every house
  10. My brother has moved in to a council house in waterthorpe which is 31 years old. My mum and I noticed that there are hooks under every window and we are intrieged as to what they are for?! Anyone know? Thanks
  11. There are two types of car driver and two types of bike riders: 1: Car drivers who can use their mirrors correctly to check blindspots 2: car drives who cannot use their mirrors 3: bikers who ride competently including filtering 4: bikers who ride incompetently - usually on L plates Combinattions of 1 & 3 are perfect and we wouldn't see any accidents if this were the case. Number 2 drivers and what force some bikers to filter with their main beam on, if they didn't exist you wouldn't have full beams set to on whilst they filtered. Numer 4 bikers generally are L platers, as they have not passed a complicated series of tests and have just sat a control competancy test they do not understand the advanced principals of safe riding. Generally if a biker is filtering s/he either has extreme skill or misplaced confidence but it is nearly always the car driver pulling out on the bike without checking their blindspots that causes the accident. The government have studied this and car drivers have proven to be at faulty in the vast majority of filtering and SMIDSY cases so therefor they created the THINK BIKE campaign to counteract the problem. Let hope more car drivers to start to check their blindspots as they were trained to do when the passed their test and we will have less ruined lives.
  12. I'm open to anything under 4 years old. I wouldn't probably buy brand new but would consider 1year old. I don't fancy taking on the initial depreciation. Stangely cost is not a issue with this purchase, most the company requirements which i have to meet, i don't mind paying more and getting a car that will last longer than paying less and getting a car nearer 4 years old. Last time i spent 8k on a SH estate and its practically worthless after 3 years of company use but thats because it was 4years old and 60k on the clock, if i can get something newer with lower mileage and nearer 1year than 4 i can justify a dearer car. I'm not keen on Peugot, sorry to those that are. I have had them in the past and been let down. Passat is a consideration but its not AWD. It would be great to hear from a subaru owner if there are any on here.
  13. No, if it's more than 12ft lb it a part 1 firearm requiring a FAC, if its bellow 1ft lb then it not a firearm. Air gun fall under the firearms act if powered above 1ft lb. Why this is debate I don't know as it bound by the same rules.
  14. How did you get on? I'm sure you found it all a lot more enjoyable!
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