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  1. Mr. Beresford St.Matthias 40's - 50's every time he came into assembly he was always scratching his backside.
  2. What were the opening and closing times of pubs in Sheffield in the 60s and 70s.
  3. Regarding Meldrum's my father Roy Hellewell and mother Gladys Barker worked there in the forties and fifties.
  4. What shops were on the Moor in 1948.
  5. Anyone remember Albert and May Potts who had the Sheaf on Frazer Road Woodseats.
  6. Does anyone remember Doctors Linfoot and Roper just of St.Mary's Gate they were our Docters in the 40's and 50's.
  7. My local pub was the Pheasant on London Rd. 1959-1962 Jack and Rose were the Landlord and Landlady i think their surname was Hewitt.
  8. On the first section of Club Garden Walk 2nd. building down from Cross Walk it was a blacksmith's as a child i spent many happy moments watching George shoe the horses he was only a small chap the cart horses dwarfed him when he placed the shoe on the horse's hoof the aroma was magic, on the 2nd. section of Club Garden Walk our milk man Tom Stokes stabled his horse the stable building is still there. Ha Happy Days. The archway leading to 2court the back of the arch is bricked up it is now some sort of jeweller the courtyard is still there minus the houses. Keep Safe
  9. Hi Mick They began demolishing the houses round about 1963 we were rehoused November 1961. Keep safe
  10. Hi R R The entrance to our court yard was next to Edley's it contained ten houses back to back and only six toilets plus three toilets for the shops. Keep safe.
  11. Some of the shops on London Rd. 1957 No.56 Denniffs Butcher 64 Bowers Cafe 66 Garfitts Factory 68-72 Curtis Radios Court 2 76 Edley Watch repairer 78 Dickenson Cafe 80 Savage Butcher 82 Butcher Florist 84 Edley Ladie's Outfitters 86 Goodwin Shopkeeper 88 Hibbert Pork Butcher Club Garden Walk 90 Coombes Boot Repairer 92-94 G Swallow Draper 96-98 Pheasant Inn 100-104 Romney Dry Cleaner. The land between Denniff's Butcher and Bower's Cafe was a cleared bomb site and still is i lived at Court 2.
  12. I lived just below the Pheasant Inn 1942-1961 on the spare land was a cobblers shop named Coombes they had several shops in Sheffield.
  13. My Uncle Robert Barker was born at number 93 Rudyard Rd. in 1928 his parents were Alfred and Beatrice Barker in 1930 Robert was placed in Fulwood Cottage Homes.
  14. Does anyone remember the Hellewell family who lived in a court yard at the bottom of London Rd. opposite T C HARRISON.
  15. I nominate Mr.Crawshaw St.Matthias School Napier Str. 1955
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