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  1. does any one know if the tip on blackstock is open today please thx
  2. R.I.P to the young man x thoughts x prayers to his family
  3. we are looking for a qualified ref to do our game on sunday 3rd november in S2 either morning or afternoon kick off , it is a under 13s team thanks
  4. Heeley fc under 13s still looking for a couple players if interested contact mick on 07526645052 cheers
  5. Trials being held for heeley fc under 13s for forthcoming season 2013/2014 Division B , we require a few quality players, please contact Mick on 07526645052 thankyou.
  6. hi gametimex thankyou for your reply, I been trying to pm you details but your inbox is full
  7. hi all I need to get a hobby for myself and my daughter to do together she is nearly 14 any ideas please thankyou
  8. hi don't know if I have the correct post for this but just wondering if any businesses would like to donate a small gift for our football presentation night to raffle of as a prize, to raise much needed funds for our team, the boys are 11 and 12 year olds thankyou for reading and any more info needed plz pm me thankyou:)
  9. hi i have a acer 10" screen laptop and it has cracked anyone know were i can take it and rough prices please ty
  10. hi all just wondering if anyone knows any info on free school meals my child went to primary school before 6 week hols and had free meals now going to senier school tomorrow , will the free meals continue automatically or will i have to reapply at howden house thankyou for reading
  11. hi we are looking for a couple of players to join our squad for the under 12s next season,2012/2013 season (players need to be y7 in september) we are in the B division, if interested contact mick 07526645052 or paul 07904811951 .we train on ashleigh fields gleadless sundays and wednesdays thanks
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