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  1. hi, quick question


    i have a bitch (cross staff) thats just come in to season...this is her second season, but she seems to be bleeding more this time, is this normal?


    i have read about womb infections that can make them bleed more, shes happy, playful an not off her food....



    i've never owned a bitch before so this is kinda new to me :)


    thanks tomy

  2. Depends if it has sleeve round the nut which turns independently to the nut its self ?


    if not...... hammer a slightly smaller socket on to the locking nut


    keep taping the socket from side to side, it'll come off


    duno what to suggest if it has a collor that spins.....take it to a garage or try welding something directly to the nut ?

  3. bike crash on Harborough Avenue a few weeks ago, anyone know how the blokes doing.....last i heard he was in intensive care ?




    A MAN is fighting for life after his scooter was hit by a car on the Manor estate in Sheffield.

    The 35-year-old was rushed to hospital with life-threatening head and body injuries when he was knocked off his bike on Harborough Avenue on Tuesday.


    Police arrested a 48-year-old man from Intake, Sheffield, on suspicion of dangerous driving.


    d to cross Harborough Avenue at its junction with Fretson Road.

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