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  1. i bought one a while ago, they pretty good....they are about 3 ft high an they delivered mine.
  2. hi, quick question i have a bitch (cross staff) thats just come in to season...this is her second season, but she seems to be bleeding more this time, is this normal? i have read about womb infections that can make them bleed more, shes happy, playful an not off her food.... i've never owned a bitch before so this is kinda new to me thanks tomy
  3. you need Hiren's BootCD, its free an works
  4. hi guys...anyone know the number for dental emergency clinic at Killamarsh? i need a tooth pulling, its quite painfull..phoned the nhs number an they told me to find my own as pains not a emergency thanks tomy
  5. does anybody know of anywhere you can camp an have a camp-fire, in or around sheffield? thanks tomy
  6. just got a crate, so i'm going to crate train her....
  7. lots of great info there....thankyou
  8. lol yeah, she seems to know chewing my headphone up was wrong, but, she gave me the sad puppy eyes......an i soon forgot about what she'd done.....gets me every time
  9. Just got a new puppy her names mazzy... just wondering if anyone has any tips tricks about toilet training, teething ect ect....been a long time since we owned a puppy...forgot how much hard work they are, shes already chewed up my headphones....need to puppy proof the house lol http://i326.photobucket.com/albums/k413/tomyqss/P110111_1551.jpg
  10. i don't think your wrong...just come from my mates up there an i heard the same thing.....but i hope you are
  11. best bike shop in Sheffield, very helpful bunch of guys
  12. keep taping the socket from side to side, it'll come off duno what to suggest if it has a collor that spins.....take it to a garage or try welding something directly to the nut ?
  13. Depends if it has sleeve round the nut which turns independently to the nut its self ? if not...... hammer a slightly smaller socket on to the locking nut
  14. you could always try this :wink: http://www.geeky-gadgets.com/ihand-will-solve-all-your-iphone-4-reception-issues-humor-05-07-2010/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+geeky-gadgets+(Geeky+Gadgets)
  15. manhattan's at heeley http://www.manhattan-motorcycles.co.uk/
  16. look on this guys website http://scoobysworkshop.com/ tells you everything good an bad about body building
  17. hawleys at Hillsborough are good http://www.hawleystyres.co.uk/TT_tyres.html
  18. bike crash on Harborough Avenue a few weeks ago, anyone know how the blokes doing.....last i heard he was in intensive care ?
  19. you could try harrisoncameras on london rd...maybe they could help
  20. sound interesting guna check it out myself
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