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  1. no i don't mind you being blunt lol

    shes only a little over 3, an i really don't like taking her to the vet...shes a different dog when we go to vets

    i'm not sure if its fear or what but last time we were there she growled at the vet! an barked at everything that moved, which is really unlike her...


    but there's also other problems that can come from a dog being continuously sick everyday in the mornings, the excess acid can damage their oesophagus, throat an stomach...

    so i'd rather get to the bottom of it... before it may causes any other problems..

    but its like day 5 with no meds an still no sickness :)

  2. yep, got some samples of Burns complete when she started with the problems...

    she seemed to like them at first, so bought a bag then she wouldn't eat it! so i now mix a few with her chicken, but she seems to eat around them lol


    defiantly going to get some charcoal biscuits though..

    but shes still not been sick :)

  3. @justsheps

    charcoal biscuits! never heard of them, i'll have a look for them



    yeah i've heard that too, we now give her smaller but more meals though the day...an last one late at night.

    fingers crossed, shes not been sick an we've been feeding her chicken...tried her on Lily's kitchen dog food but she wont even touch it :/

  4. thanks i'll have a read of that link...

    an no, the vets did no bloods just a quick feel of her tummy an gave me some antacids..

    i might have to get a third opinion (shes seen two) an some bloods done if she doesn't improve


    we've tried feeding her chicken an rice but she was on the antacids too, so not sure if it was the antacids that were just helping an not the type of food she was eating, i'll stock up on chicken an try her again without the antacids.


    i don't think shes eating grass out of habit

    an i will take a look at the raw feeding, i have heard of this, but wouldn't know were to start with raw feeding? do you know any useful websites for raw feeding?


    well shes not been sick for just over a week, an its not a everyday thing when she is...its like she has bouts of it..but this morning she woke me up an went straight out to eat grass....i thought oh no not again! but she wasn't sick.

    she seems happy an playful the rest of the day it just seems to be build up of acid while shes sleeps

  5. hi

    my dogs been having trouble with acid reflux and indigestion, an its always seems to be in the morning...

    shes gets restless an goes out to eat grass until shes sick (which is just bile no food)


    the vet put her on antacids which seemed to help alot, but also made her a bit drowsy....she stopped the antacids now because she was doing good

    but this morning she was out eating grass again!

    i'd rather not go down the medication route it i can help it though


    tried changing her food, smaller more often meals, a few biscuits at night....


    has anyone had any experiences with this?

    what food would you recommend?

    or any info would be appreciated


    thanks tomy

  6. be careful buying things from HK an abroad on ebay...


    most of the stuff from HK will be marked 'gift' so charges will not apply, but if your unlucky an they get random checks you will get a bill


    my friend bought some sunglasses for £20...a week or two later got a bill from the taxman for £60 for import charges ....

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