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  1. maybe not a party scene....something more romantic an personal might see if they is any stuff going on out bakewell way...
  2. Any one have an alternative ideas to see in the new year apart for go to the pub! what to do something different this year
  3. One guy was named an shamed over FB about vandalizing some of the street art.....
  4. No not me, first time i went i thought it may be just a one off thing, after the second time i've decided i wont go back there. Unhelpful, uninterested, is an understatement...... Felt the same way about Two Brothers, might give CBF Powder Coatings a try
  5. I was thinking that too with the stuff I've seen on here in the past... We live an learn....
  6. I was donating blood yesterday, paid for an hour an half parking an it usually takes an hour to compete... any-who, i wasn't very well after my donation so had to wait a while longer to recover before i could leave, about 30 min or so.... as i got back to the car they was a warden an he had just ticketed the car! i was about 15/20 min late my fault for being late but i know, but would it be worth appealing?
  7. lol yes mine did too, all her eyes has swollen....she looked more like a bull dog then a staff.. but thankyou, i'll check them ones out
  8. my dog got stung by a bee/wasp today....or she had eaten one her eyes swelled up and she came out in huge hives, had to take her to emergency vet.... anyhow, i was wondering if they is any kind of antihistamine for dogs i could give her if it happends again?
  9. according to that you can drive any bike lol i'd call into a bike test centre an ask them
  10. Car driving test passed before 1 February 2001 You don’t need to take compulsory basic training (CBT) to ride a moped if you passed your car driving test before 1 February 2001. You’ll still need to complete CBT to ride a motorbike, however. i think this means you can ride a moped (used to be 50cc not sure if its changed) but however if you want to ride a motorbike, then you would have to do your cbt again
  11. not sure about the worst, but the best are on earl marshal road, just off barnsley road... they are more like ramps then speed humps.....get some air going over them
  12. just reading about Peregrine falcons, i didn't know Peregrine falcons are the fastest animal on the planet an can reach 200mph+
  13. I'm sorry i have break it to you like this, but..... I doubt your car will be donor. more like crushed, cut up in tiny pieces an melted down in to lumps of metal an shipped off too china! have a nice day
  14. Its not, i was in the same predicament....an they told me just toothache is not an emergency, unless they is other things going on like, swollen face, fever ect ect.... I found a dentist up dore that did emergency treatment, went same morning an had it pulled. I sympathize with him, toothache is a horrendous pain
  15. nope, they will tell him tooth pain is not an emergency an to see his dentist
  16. I got one of the new Vape e-cigarettes the other day from the chemist near park hill... bit more expensive then the other e-cigs, but they are more regulated then the other e-cigarettes an have pharmaceutical grade nicotine, an lists all the ingredients... its the only e-cig the chemist will sell
  17. there's an old saying....do unto others as you would have others do unto you they bullied an beat this poor lad daily, he lived day an night in fear! made to go to the toilet in a bucket an sleep on a cold hard floor... he will be mentally scarred for the rest of his life!..... i hope they get the same respect (in prison an out) shown to them as they showed this poor, helpless, vulnerable guy
  18. i will if i can, but i see you were quoted £400 for new... so it must be a lithium Li-ion battery at that price message me your problem
  19. I used to have a Izip electric bike, it was quite good even on the hills.... but i found it heavy an you couldn't take the motor off to use it as a normal bike.....so i found a 36v conversation kit going cheap on ebay, built a battery box that fits inside the frame with my three 12v batterys in...an it works great! an easily converts back to a normal mountain bike... the price, including my bike was around the £160 ish
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