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  1. Thank you for your reply. My grandson is almost 14 years old. He does an awful lot of stop motion at home but thought it would be good if there was a club he could join. I will pass this on to his mum. Thank you again.
  2. Hi, can anyone help my grandson. He does stop motion animation but cant find a club in Sheffiekd to help him. ---------- Post added 12-01-2018 at 18:19 ---------- Thank you snooker 147. I will check it out.
  3. Hiya Linda, yes I was in that year, I right remember your name but sorry I just cant put a face to it. How are you keeping? Its great to hear from some one from my year. I am still intouch with Stewart Crapper, can you remember him?
  4. Hello Linda, I remember youre name, were you in the year above us?
  5. I remember the name Linda Bamforth and Ann Gregory but I think they were in the year above me. I left Yew Lane in 1967. My maiden name was Pat Rhodes.
  6. Hello Dave, I remember Keith Charlesworth but I thought it was Pauline Scholey I remember. ---------- Post added 29-12-2013 at 13:35 ---------- Do you remember Susan Sorsby, Susan Eastwood, Stewart Crapper,Steve Woods. Just a few I have just thought about.
  7. Hello, I remember some of the names you have said, sorry to hear about Elaine, was she Pauline's sister?
  8. Hi, Did anyone go to Yew Lane between 1964 - 1967
  9. Used to go in the Elm Tree a lot in the late 60s early 70s, also the Manor Hotel, some right characters in them then but always a good drink.
  10. Hello Julie, Thanks for replying, I will pass this on to my daughter & she can decide which class she would like to go to. (it's for my granddaughter) Thanks again.
  11. Hi Cece30 Thanks for your reply I am interested in more info but I don't know how to send a pm.
  12. Hello, not sure how to send pm. What time of the day were you thinking about as I work in the morning.
  13. I used to go to the speedway in the 60s, we used to have a board to put the program on so we could mark the finishing positions. At that time petrol was giving tigers tales away & a few of us had them tied to theses boards, we also used to make the names of the riders out of the bus tickets as they had letters on them then. I can remember Clive Featherby riding at that time only saw him come of once.
  14. Hello, Thanks for replying but it is a bit too far away.
  15. I found Sports Trophy's reply amusing.
  16. Hiya, Yes you are right about Fred & his dad's name.
  17. Me & my late husband used to run the Carwood on Carlisle street, we had it from 1976 to 1980. It used to have a snooker table upstairs. Before that we had the Lord Nelson just of Savile Street, that was from 1972 to 1976.
  18. Does anyone know of dance class that takes 3yr old, preferably S12/S13 area & not too pricey?
  19. Sorry just read message again Where do you get tickets from?
  20. Have you tried Lion Brand free patterns. I have downloaded a few, most are American but you can also download a conversion, all it is is that thier sc is our dc & so on. Hope this helps.
  21. I used to go in the 60s. Remember having a tigers tail ( I think you got them free with esso petrol ) attached to the board you had for the program so you could fill it in. Also the used bus tickets that had letters on we used to make the riders names out of them & stick them on the boards also.
  22. Is there any fencing clubs my grandson could join, he will be 7 years old in May.
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