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  1. In regards to selling a car, I have gotten some questions about how to prove that my mileage is real. Another woman had asked me if I have a history of my car. I do not know about either of these things. Are there any people familiar with selling cars that can give me some pointers? I am particularly interested in what kind of questions buyers will ask. How to respond; what kind of evidence they require, and how to get that evidence. Thanks.
  2. How can I fix some scratches on my car? Also I think I have some chemical that got on my car. I tried to clean that off and ended up scratching my car. Any advice? Thanks.
  3. thanks. i checked out the sharrow vale one. it was nice. also i just did a search for thorsby. one thing i noticed about these markets is they kind of remind me of the american county fairs. people go to them more to have fun than to shop. i was looking for one of those things that hold up a mobile phone in a car, and i never thought of this, but they actually sell them on the street on the moor. i never thought of the moor as a market, but in the middle of it are vendors.
  4. i got a decent deal from them. i ordered a refurbished one off the net. they screwed up the order, and gave me a new one. installed it in 15 minutes.
  5. i have found waitrose is the cheapest at 1.14, off of london rd.
  6. I found one at the Halfords website for 40. That's the cheapest one I found so far. I'm not very into music. I just want something to listen to while driving. It doesn't have to be very fancy.
  7. Anyone recomend any dinner theatres in London?
  8. Are there any places that anyone recomends a place where I can get a car stereo for a good deal?
  9. Does anyone recomend any outdoor markets?
  10. Is there something out there that I can buy that I can charge anything on my car? Specifically I was looking for something that I can use to charge my laptop in my car, but I am curious to know if there is a charger that will allow anything to be plugged in like a wall socket.
  11. id actually bought one from the internet, and it kept falling down, and wouldnt stick to the window, and i couldnt return it because it wasnt worth it with the postage. i was hoping to find one that i can test out locally.
  12. Where can I get one of these things that hold a mobile phone on the window for the sat nav? http://img686.imageshack.us/img686/1831/41dvlyrli0lsl500aa300.jpg
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