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  1. Beauty is,of course, in the eye of the beholder. Jessops is a spooky looking building but it is an undeniably attractive one with some character. If it wasn't it would not have been listed. Park Hill, to which I have warmed, but still find hard to regard as heritage, compared to the Old Queens Head which has been regarded, as is usually the case in Sheffield , with some indifference, poorly recorded and lost a lot of character when stuck onto the end of the, Interchange, was controversially listed largely, I suspect, because of the influence of brutalist architecture fans and the nostalagia of our local Labour Party establishment for the great days of municipal socialism. Something we used to have in the city, nowadays we chuck money at ex DHHS buildings. ---------- Post added 15-12-2012 at 11:47 ---------- Touche ! No one involved in the campaign to save Jessops Edwardian Wing, that I am aware of, has any other than sympathy, agreement and support for the University's need to upgrade the engineering facility. The very fact of the success of the marvellous job the University has made of the Victorian block shows the potential of the very similiar Edwardian Wing. ---------- Post added 15-12-2012 at 11:55 ---------- Dan, You surprise me there. I would have thought it would have been the Council or the Norfolk family. Is the University's argument down to space [5% ?] and costs? No one is denying the economic benefits to the city but there is a principle here, how you treat what is supposed to be our heritage. ---------- Post added 17-12-2012 at 18:07 ---------- Well the people have decided re Jessops-just like the people decided re Park Hill.
  2. P_ shooter Well posted- can you also post on the what would you demolish Park Hill or Jessops thread also as there is some linkage?
  3. Mogwai84 Have you considered the arguments by objectors and the concerns about sunstaiinability? Wards Bitter
  4. Time to reflect on this thread again bearing in mind the planning application to be heard to demolish Jessops this Monday?
  5. cat will be sat by somebody's fire supping hot chocolate no doubt.
  6. Dear All Am sure gritters have done their best and appreciation to them, emergency services, BBC Radio Sheffield and the Star. Am sat in warm- don't intend to move far until polar bear and fox sat on glacier mint in back garden have shifted Take care and don't take any chances, Wardsbitter
  7. Dear All Am sure gritters have done their best and appreciation to them, emergency services, BBC Radio Sheffield and the Star. Am sat in warm. Take care and don't any chances, Wardsbitter
  8. I see them from time to time and sometimes it amazes me how assured they are. I heard about a border terrier being killed by one which I found hard to believe. Read about some West Highland White puppies being killed by them. If our owld fellers Jack Russell had come across one.......... Foxes in an urban setting are interesting.
  9. Thank goodness this is rising towards the surface again. Some insightful comments on the Star news item section tonight. Check out Postcode Gazette as well as http://www.jessophospital.org.uk. Radio Sheffield has also taken an interest. ---------- Post added 12-12-2012 at 22:19 ---------- Something else concerned parties ought to follow up, the minutes of of the conservation advisory group and the views of the sustainable development people. Interesting reading. ---------- Post added 12-12-2012 at 23:04 ---------- For conservation group try download no 6 at http://meetings.sheffield.gov.uk/council-meetings/planninghighways/citycentressouthandeastagendas-2012/agenda-26th-november-2012 For sustainability see http://publicaccess.sheffield.gov.uk/-applications/applicationdetails.do?activeTab=documents@keyVal=MA14NZNYFY000 ---------- Post added 14-12-2012 at 10:29 ---------- Planning Application For The Demolition Of Listed Edwardian Part Of Jessops Hospital Being Heard On Monday The 17th December. If You Oppose It Please Stand Up And Be Counted. Don't Grumble When Its Gone ! It Will Be Too Late Then Cheers Wards Bitter. Mind How You Go In This Weather.
  10. Opposition to the University Of Sheffield's proposal to demolish the Grade 2 listed Edwardian Wing of Jessops is snowballing. The planning application looks like being heard on the 17th December. Please visit http://www.jessophospital.org.uk for details how to object.
  11. Moonface Mon Ami, You have to be joking surely ? Flyer delivered to home address every year.It's Sheffield's premier Christmas Event ! E.Scrooge
  12. Massive respect too CorkerSWFC for all our service boys and girls, serving and ex. Well said, Wards Bitter.
  13. Why was the Saddle demolished? Museum also a shadow of its former self
  14. The Old Post Office is being evaluated for a 'partnership' regeneration project involving Sheffield Hallam.I'm reassured about its future from what little I've heard.
  15. Essentially the site of Sheffield or Sheaf Field or whatever you like to call it.......
  16. The heart of the city was nothing compared to what we have to do down the Markets area.
  17. Dan Well said- look at the state of Fitzalan Square while we look like approving a betting shop close to the Peace Gardens. WB
  18. As far as I know its still in limbo. Hen and Chickens struggling on across from it. The quicker the Castle Market comes down the better so we can tackle the problems in what is the archaelogically sensitive part of the city.
  19. Asbestos in the place as well.That will cost in the removal.
  20. Some sort of joint feasibility study being carried out for the building's regeneration I understand. A step forward at last.
  21. Wasn't Little Herbert the mascot for Sheffield Wednesday ?
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