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  1. Never been any suggestion about saving the facade. My understanding is that the finance had been allocated and a use identified for the Edwardian section without needing its demolition. And the issue of planning procedures? ---------- Post added 20-01-2013 at 16:13 ---------- In the scale of things an interesting comparison and a valid argument. If you care about some things then you stand up and be counted. Otherwise you don't exist. ---------- Post added 20-01-2013 at 16:17 ---------- If they weren't all from Sheffield [and they aren't from what brief glances I've made] its still a big issue in 'town' comparatively speaking.
  2. Biggest outcry in respect of a conservation issue I recollect
  3. If its not attractive why was it listed? You could actually have both.
  4. thanks for that. Makes interesting reading don't you think ?
  5. whats the reason? North-South divide? Death of industry? Political Culture?
  6. Lotta bad publicity as Cilla would say. Can't you sleep as well?
  7. Doncaster is apparently ungovernable. Is Rotherham going the same way? Discuss.
  8. interesting article in tonights Star about opposition within professional circles in town hall planning department/other experts. about the demolition of Jessops Edwardian wing. Over 2000 signatures on petition to Secretary of State.Guess which side the Star came on?
  9. Something going off here. Sheffield Star said that budget cut proposals were up for discussion and decision made by end of March. Did anyone see this ?
  10. According to the BBC News Website its definately going to close.
  11. Well done ! will do! WB ---------- Post added 13-01-2013 at 15:14 ---------- Almost 1800 people do not want this section of Jessops demolishing according to what I have read.
  12. Sorry folks I saw exactly the same thing happen in the DHHS back in the1970's.
  13. That's a hard one Garbo. I suppose the ABC cinema and the Claymore because of my lost youth and because the world seemed at your feet in those days. Sheffield folk are very sentimental as you will have noticed.I've a soft spot for the old Pond St bus station where I used to book tickets at SUT for Wednesday away games.The doomed Whetstone, now the Moorfoot Tavern, but I miss the Bucaneer Bar in the Grand Hotel and the dear old Albert. And the Dive Bar in the Nelson. ---------- Post added 09-01-2013 at 13:03 ---------- Hi Garbo Sorry to bang on again but the Jessops thing ain't simply about the building being old. We've lost far older buildings - check out http://www.jessophospital.org.uk Cheers ! WB
  14. Morris Minor raises some interesting points. I just wondered what you folks thought about the Jessops issue? There is a seperate thread of course and I don't wish to upset the mods.
  15. After be upwards Neepsend if you think about it ! WB
  16. ECCOnoob A picture paints a thousand words. The police, yes we had proper police in those days, though the beat bobbies were beginning to disappear, were averse to going down there because their then in use radios wouldn't work. A h&s risk assessment would prevent their 'successors' ie pcso's and city ambassadors,going anywhere near it. The'doss hole in the road' and its related subways was one of the most ill concieved plans ever thought up by Sheffield city council. Thank you for a touch of reality, I speak as someone who possibly prevented a smash and grab raid down there by shouting at them [from a safe distance]. Thanks WB
  17. The closure of Don Valley will happen over Clive Betts and Peter Rice's dead bodies. Richard Cabourne's too I suspect.
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