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  1. Remember the rock murals on the walls of the Whetstone? Used to serve nice plate pie.
  2. Never met this lady but she had a high reputation and respect even from her opponents. Interesting letter in today's Star. Martin Dawes paid her a tribute once [she used to made wonderful cake apparently] and she wrote a very articulate letter about the Airport episode. Politics has changed in Sheffield,
  3. Sir Irvine, They don't make them like that any more. A son of Sheffield from humble but hard working origins. A dapper gent and a character with his broad striped shirts. Totally approachable and down to earth. There are some anecdotes about him and from him in the best book ever written about Sheffield politics- The Tomb of the Unknown Alderman by a Labour chap called John Cornwall.
  4. Nobody's mentioned the Dive Bar in the Nelson by name. Where's it all gone eh ?
  5. Hi Ouchcat, Heritage has certainly been raised with the City Of Culture bid.
  6. Hi Dink, That's Moorhead - roughly where the electrical store is now- God what do they call it ! Newton Chambers used but it got flattened in the Blitz.
  7. Cheers Karl101, Thats it-the top bit looks like a young Queen Victoria but is supposed to represent Victory and was in the Botanical Gardens. The col-I think- is in several pieces in Upperthorpe while there's a bit missing that the Council sold but don't remember who to ! Hillsborough Barracks is a thought but it should stay in the city centre.
  8. Hi Duckweed/Greybeard, Website somwhat out of date. J Edward Vickers passed away several years ago but Howard Greaves is still alive and kicking[especially against Sevenstone].
  9. Hi Duckweed, Believe cannons went for scrap in WW2 ! They kept a Russian cannon, maybe another in Retford.Still there but not the one's from Sheffield.
  10. Duckweed, Try the Hallamshire Historic Buildings Society. Can forward you details if you require.
  11. Hi Dink and Duckweed, The memorial's been about Duckwood- wasn't it at Moorhead at some stage? As for Fitzallan Square the statue of King Ted is usually crowned with plastic bottles and spikes to keep the pigeons at bay. Like Hartshead with that awful piece of public art. the square is basically unused except for marauding skate boaders. I've have to have a look at Maplins-Cheers Dink.
  12. Well Dink its a bit big and could clash with the war memorial in Barkers Pool. It could fit in well where the fountain was at the top of Fargate. Pity we can't put it near the contemporay Bethel Sunday School in Cambridge Street[dueto come down for Sevenstone]. Anyone got any ideas? Its on Picture Sheffield- any one know how to post an image of it?
  13. The Crimean [have I spelt that correctly ? ] War Memorial is currently homeless as well in several parts- has anyone any suggestions as to where it should be relocated in the city centre?
  14. Thanks Abbie 2. To all posters on this thread- have a nice weekend. Manor Lodge Discovery Centre And The Friends Of The Manor Lodge Need You ! Wardsbitter.
  15. Thanks for all postive and interesting contributions-please keep them coming. I know there is a seperate thread regarding Bishops House- Is there a tour on Monday ? Cheers -Wards Bitter.
  16. Duckweed- couldN't agree with you more. The patron of the Friends is Doctor David Starkey- he is back in Sheffield this year to, amongst other engagements, look at the progress on Manor Lodge site. Having the good Doctor as the patron is an accolade for Manor Lodge, the Friends and Sheffield .
  17. Duckweed, Hoping to see some concrete progress [ironic if you think about Castle Market] in the near future but it all depends on the Markets moving to the bottom of the Moor. It will also cost a mint to pul down the Markets. There was talk about a refurb of the Markets[ !] before they fall/ crumble down Some archaelogical investigatory bore holes, to try to estimate the extent of the remaining archaelogy, are supposedly in the pipeline. Watch this space !
  18. Black flag for Sheffield Wednesday at halfmast on Monday morning or am I being pessemistic?
  19. There are plans to open up the remains of Sheffield Castle and create an urban green space which will also feature a memorial to the Sheffield Pals. This is the most exciting regeneration scheme in the city and as as exciting a scheme asany that have breathed new life in the city centre. Lets get behind it !
  20. runningman and abbie 2 both well said- lets get Sheffielders up there in their droves. Why not join the Friends of Manor Lodge as well? One of Sheffielders most successfull local history groups with speakers of national renown and trips to sites asociated with Mary Queen of Scots[in captivity in Sheffield for the best part of fourteen years]. I can supply details/information also at the Manor Lodge DC. makapaka- the discovery centre has something for young and old- inexpensive and refreshments onsite. Enjoy !
  21. Hi Meaks, Its a one horse race in real terms I would have thought..
  22. Thank you Running Man-totally agree with you- has anyone else been recently?
  23. interesting post- is there any point in voting for anyone other than David Blunklett for Hillsborough/Brightside? Incidentally anyone notice the other week when the Star referred to the Constituency as Brightside ! Cheek ! Shows the ever declining standards of our local press these days.
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