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  1. Yep, hopefully the 99.5% of the population who haven't signed the petition will show that local democracy is healthy, and the uni can knock it down :-)



    Based on 2300 signatures on the petition I would think that its more than 99.5%


    That wasn't the point I was making about local democracy. Jessops is a building that's worth saving and it can be saved without impeding the University's agreed need to have an improved facility for engineering.It seems that the new building has been designed with 'image' in mind and that the usual design, sustainabilty etc principles can go out of the window.That's wrong even with the argument about economic benefits as part of the equasion and one would hope that those who we enfranchise would recognise that.


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    Have they bulldozed the eyesore yet. ?


    You really ought to go to Specsavers. If the building looks a little frayed around the edges then that's the University's fault.They have had it for 10 years after all.

  2. I think deep down we are on the same wave length.

    If not the same agenda.


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    So you buy a flat and then find you have to rehome your dog!

    A few lost sales there I would think.


    Its good of you to say that neepsendlane and I think you could well be right.


    Park Hill has only just started that is true. Rightly or wrongly its with us as I have said. Nobody is going to delist it.

  3. The Norfolk at the bottom of Dixon Lane .

    The new Park Hill residents can use the streets and pathways in the sky to get there[5 mins walk]. That is [or is it was] Town Planning at its very best.




    Aye Town Planning for Sidney or Starwars. All due respect but I can't see all the young professionals heading downtown for a pint of Stooones. A Hock perhaps at Kings.



  4. I take it you were around 1000 years ago? If not, where's your evidence to prove the markets were there :)


    The Castle Market deserves to be leveled.


    As for Jessops, the whole thing stinks. I mean, the University knew the building was listed before they got their hands on it.


    Letter in Telegraph today about Jessops. If you support the Campaign that they are running keep signing up to the petition. This could be a test on how healthy our local democracy is.

  5. This is turning into a major embarrassment and ongoing huge headache for SCC. Maybe English Heritage could contribute as they think its such an important building!


    Come on fellers you can't put the whole thing at EH's door. What about the trendy architects and writers on architecture to say nothing of local politicians?

    Must have been some approval within the Council's planning department.


    The area surrounding Parkhill except for the station is largely moribound and just a traffic transit route. Where are the occupants going to have a pint? Trades and Labour Club? Sheffield Tap? It will need A Tesco or two and other community links and its a mammoth task. If -If it comes off it could regenerate the whole area but I wish the politicians who lobbied for it could have done the same for Jessops and other bits of Sheffield Heritage.

  6. You are wrong.

    There was trading in the area much earlier than that.

    As far as the Sheffield historical society is concerned call it what you want there is one .

    You last paragraph is bang on and the Castle Market is being destroyed so as a load of beards can sniff at rubble .




    Good job I've had a shave then. I'm glad we agree about summat.



  7. Your souless quote is very interesting as the Sheffield Historical society are the one that are championing the destruction of the oldest trading places in Sheffield, The thousand year old Markets area.

    The soulesness continues.


    Morning All


    Fact-there is no such thing as the Sheffield Historical Society.


    When I hear the phrase 'thousand year old' I think of the 1000 year Reich which I shudder at, in whose defeat I rejoice and also of the British Empire, whose part in its defeat, I rejoice at.


    Earliest known Market Charter is 1296 which is a bit less than a 1000 years though undoubtably there would have been some small market before then but that will probably always remain a matter of conjecture. Before I get back to the subject in hand the spirit of a Market is in the atmosphere, character, created by traders and customers in the main.

  8. Some of them pre-world war 1. Some in bad nick ie Norwood [bulldozed in the small hours by the council]. 'Outdated' is a bit vague. Isn't a medieval church that's listed but hasn't got a congregation 'outdated' so would you pull it down?


    All the buildings that I have quoted should have been saved. This city would have been a far more interesting place than it is if they had. There are parts of it which are frankly souless. The captition about SSC 'needlessly bulldozing our heritage' comes from the save jessops website and my gut feeling is that its correct


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    why ????????????????????????????????????????????


    been in hibernation? Dodging the milkman? Are you Rip Van Winkle?


    ---------- Post added 22-01-2013 at 01:38 ----------


    Does "Public Opinion" know what it wants doing with the building long term?


    Or is this just another one of those buildings (like the one on Exchange Place) that people say they don't want knocking down, but don't really have any future use for?


    The City Council are being left with various "listed" / "preserved" obstacles like Castle House in the city as it is.


    The University had a use for it in 2009. A learning hub. I have my doubts about Castle House to be frank. Exchange [street actually] is important because of the three buildings that survived the Blitz and because of its vicinity to the castle site.


    Check out the difference about listed and preserved. Someone's flagged this up

  9. I'm genuinely asking and also asked on t'other Jessops thread - the only buildings anyone came up with were Coles Corner (apparantly hit during the blitz) and the old Corn Exchange (empty and derelict for years following a fire).


    From before days when conservation became a philosophy and the corporation was the forerunner of the council


    Half timbered houses at bottom of Snig Hill/Walkley Old Hall/Dykes Hall/Owlerton Hall/Wincobank Hall/Washford Bridge Cottage/Attercliffe Old Hall.


    Corn Exchange/Norfolk Market Hall [not listed though listing system came after Blitz in WW2] Wadsley Manor House/Wadsley Village- Not listed


    Greenhill Hall/Whirlow House[Council owned -not certain whether listed].


    Norwood Hall -not listed. Regent Terrace/ Sheffield and Ecclesall Coop.


    Old Pomona Public House,


    A few off the top of my head-some personal preference to be frank.


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    Nice to have an allie on this forum who wants to save sheffields heritage as well.I am slowly losing my belonging to sheffield even though i was born here.I feel happier when i go to places like huddersfield which always feels like real yorkshire.


    Keep thee rag owd lad,




    ---------- Post added 22-01-2013 at 00:57 ----------


    And I forgot St Pauls Church [1938] that was bad- before listing.


    G'night all

  10. I see the petition states;


    " We are tired of Sheffield City Council needlessly bulldozing our heritage and urge you to intervene."


    Can anybody name buildings bulldozed by the council that were "our heritage".


    How long have you got?


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    Some of my kids were too, but you can't allow sentiment to get in the way of progress, imo.


    Perhaps not-how about sustainability?

  11. Cole Brothers was lost in the Blitz. The Corn Exchange -damaged by Fire in 1947 and demolished in 1961 has been described by a respected architectural historian as the city's 'greatest post war loss'.


    ---------- Post added 21-01-2013 at 22:28 ----------


    Why talk about the facade of the Edwardian Jessops?


    ---------- Post added 22-01-2013 at 00:12 ----------


    As I started this thread I ought to see it out.


    I've just looked at the recent Save Jessops Hospital Facebook Poster Re


    Dissension In The Town Hall


    - From A Senior Planning Officer


    - From A Conservation Officer [Who Will Shortly Depart For A More Fufilling And Less Frustrating Role At English Heritage -Like They Do]


    - From The Conservation Advisory Group


    - From The Sustainabilty Panel/Group


    Bit of A Damming Indictment From Folk Who Normally 'Keep Calm And Carry On' I Would Have Thought.

  12. Was the university responsible for the gem which was the victorian museum on Ecclesall Road? If so, how did it come to be in their hands? What happened to it? How is this protecting Sheffield's heritage?


    I understand that the Traditional Heritage Museum on Ecclesall Road[not strictly a Victorian Museum] was owned by the University and that some surplus items have been sold off. Concerns over the Museum collection have been expressed by correspondents to the local press and I've been told that a letter ,slightly critical of the University, was submitted for publication and not published.

    The collection, housed in an attractive but disused church, deserves a better home where the public can have greater access to it.What happens to the church[i'm not sure whether it has listed 'protection'] after the collection is rehoused is a matter for speculation


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    It's part of Sheffield's traditional heritage to knock perfectly good stuff down and say you're going to replace it with something new. Sheffield once had some attractive classical buildings in the city centre.



    Sheffield still does-the University, to their credit, recently published a useful leaflet as part of their excellent 'Festival of the Mind'.

  13. Yet again a very loud minority are rattling their pans.


    The uni is a major part of this city. They clearly respect and work towards conservation when they can - they've renovated and maintained several old and listed buildings. Why can't people give them a break when it comes to them making the difficult decision to demolish a listed building. Personally I don't see historical importance and I don't see how it could be remotely useful for the uni. Keeping it for the sake of it just seems pointless.


    Agree with you to a certain extent.Yet loud minorities seems to be our current version of 'democracy'.

  14. Are the two mutually incompatible? It seems-again from what I've read- that Jessops could be kept and the university get the world class facility it needs and which would be beneficial to the city. Nobody has ever regarded Jessops as a tourist attraction.


    Like you I want to see the city progress, as it has done, thanks to a great degree because of the universities but I don't want to see Sheffield regress, again by disregarding part, a valuable part of its scanty heritage.

  15. Oh come on - Jessops is hardly what most people would class as "historic" - famous events associated with Jessops is a big fat zero, and Edwardian ain't that old (nor particularly pleasing on the eye).


    True no Royal Birth's but an interesting historic report on it commissioned by the university. Then there's English Heritage's stance.


    ---------- Post added 20-01-2013 at 16:46 ----------


    Yeah, we've inherited a pretty ugly, hard to convert building noted for nothing much that very few people would be sad to see the back of.


    Who brought Park Hill into it?

  16. The University can build around it, but it'll be a smaller facility (therefore bringing fewer jobs etc) and will cost them an extra eight million quid.


    So that'd cost everyone who signed the petition £4,000. Hope they gave their credit card details when they signed.


    What about the space issue? Some sort of open space required by the design of the new building from what I've read.


    But we are drifting away from the core issue. Professional in house planners aren't happy and felt that they should speak out. Precendents could be set for the future and that could be detrimental to the city.

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