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  1. That's bonkers! I felt a bit disheartened when I saw them all there because its forcing local people out of the market and making it even harder for youngsters to buy a starter home near to family and friends but I guess that's not a new thing if you're from the south.
  2. I agree Finbak, a company appears to have bought several in wincobank, done a full renovation and them tried to let out at approx £100pcm over market value, all still empty!
  3. Not sure about them moving here but they are definitely coming up in investor groups. I have viewed several properties with a view to helping my son onto the property ladder over the last few months and at several viewings there have been 2 or 3 small groups of southerners with lists of up to 20 properties they are viewing during the course of the day. They have also had a builder type person with them who I guess is advising them of how much would need spending on each property to make it suitable for rental purposes.
  4. Amey are responsible for the lights above the ground, if it is a cabling issue underground, then it is passed on by them to Northern powergrid
  5. I've given up catching the bus because the times and routes kept changing, and frequency of buses were changing too often , they were often unreliable, and on several occasions I just found the drivers so rude and mean, for example hurrying to drive off when then can clearly see you are nearly at the stop. Buses from brightside have really gone down hill since the x78 service was reduced in favour of the x1, and any services coming up Jenkin Road have such convuluted routes it can take an hour to get into the city centre. Late last year I just thought, it's not worth the hassle and stress anymore, so now I take the car to town. I'd love to use public transport but it's just not good enough.
  6. I can clearly remember hearing an old plane flying over our house in Stockbridge that night in 1997. Was sat with my mum when we heard it and mum commented it sounded exactly like the ones she would hear during WW2. By the time we got outside for a look it had passed over. Always intrigued us.
  7. You could also consider Brightside / wincobank in S9, very close to meadowhall. There's a few terraces for sale around your budget. This one is not far from me and is a nice property https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/50786866?search_identifier=3c8933e6945323a4f587bab9fb2a4876
  8. The fines are issued under section 444(1) of the 1996 education act, however although Sheffield don't tend to do this, some LA's are going straight to court under section 444(1a) which is an aggravated offence. I'm in a couple of FB groups including Jon Platts (the guy from the Isle of Wight who took his case all the way and finally lost, meaning that ANY unauthorised absence can now be classed as a criminal offence) and so many people ask for advice on these matters in these groups. There is no right of appeal against a Fixed Penalty Notice. If this is not paid, the Local Authority can proceed to prosecution or withdraw the notice. The Local Authority can also prosecute parents for non-attendance without issuing a Fixed Penalty Notice. Only the Local Authority can prosecute parents and they must fund all associated costs. Local authorities must conduct its investigations in line with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) https://childlawadvice.org.uk/information-pages/school-attendance-and-absence/
  9. It is down to the head teachers discretion whether you are referred for a fine, the current policy in Sheffield is that you can be referred for a fine for 5 or more consecutive days of absence. Different Local Authorities interpret the guidance in different ways, some will go straight to court and bypass the fine altogether. See section 8 of this document:- https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/content/dam/sheffield/docs/schools-and-childcare/attendance/Exception Leave in Term Time Policy - revised October 18.pdf
  10. There are also a few companies out there that will vinyl wrap upvc windows and doors, but not sure if there is anyone in Sheffield doing this. I had a company from Stockport come and rewrap my kitchen in grey, they also do windows. I may be interested in the painting if it was very durable.
  11. Have the governors approved all this? I'm sure a couple of them were there from day 1 as part of the parents committee.
  12. My son completed his A levels at Chapeltown academy in 2017 he had a fantastic experience there and did brilliantly, Ali Jaffer founded this place and was the most fantastic and supportive teacher anyone could wish for. Hoping the mess can be sorted out and all the best to Ali and the other teachers.
  13. I've got the app, it's great , but I didn't have my phone on me yesterday . A380 flies right over our house every night I always look out for it!
  14. I saw this from Meadowhall retail park! Just saw it turning and then disappeared into the cloud I thought it was an A380 because of the 4 engines but then wondered if I was imagining it! Great aircraft to travel in ?
  15. If you call the council I think they still have a small team with access to GIS maps that indicate if land is public or private, streets ahead also have access to this information.
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