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  1. Very interesting. What sources have you been able to find in your research?
  2. Can't seem to be able to PM images. Could you PM your email address and I will email them across to you? Cheers.
  3. I will PM a copy of Robert's photo in uniform. I also have John Henry's death plaque, so will PM you a photo of that too.
  4. Only a couple of Robert William I'm afraid. Unfortunately not been able to track any photos of his family, especially John Henry.
  5. Apologies if I didn't reply on Sheffield History. Did you comment on a thread there? Can't say I know much about Thomas Alfred, but have some info on my great-grandfather (Robert William), John Henry and their parents (Robert and Elizabeth). There is a family grave up at Burngreave where Robert, Elizabeth, Florence (Thomas' sister) and another brother called James Wilmot are buried together. ---------- Post added 27-08-2014 at 08:47 ---------- It's okay, just logged into Sheffield History and found your message!
  6. Hi Becci, Would that be Thomas Alfred White (b. 1894)? Chris.
  7. Ida Kay married Robert William White in 1919. Robert's father was from Carbrooke, Norfolk, but was illegitimate, so the trail ends there. Robert's mother was called Elizabeth Harvey and was born in Essex. Both of them are buried in Burngreave Cemetery. I believe that Robert and Ida are buried in Loxley.
  8. Thanks, I already have a photo and went to visit the grave last year.
  9. Hi, on of my ancestors, James Wilmot White, drowned whilst attempting to rescue Albert Knapton, who fell into Oxspring's Dam on 3rd August 1904. I have James' death certificate and a section from the Manchester Gazette, but wondered if anyone had any more info to offer? James is buried at Burngreave Cemetry as well as Albert Knapton, but Albert's has no headstone. Thanks, Chris.
  10. Dear all, have been doing my family history research for some time now and have found some interesting information about my dad's side of the family. My name is Chris Elliott and my great grandfather was Harry Elliott, who was a policeman in Sheffield. He lived in his early years at 5 Lawson Street, with his siblings Thomas, Minnie, Frank, Nellie, Alice and Ernest. His parents were Thomas and Ellen (nee Perkins). Thomas Elliott served in South Africa in 1901 I believe and also served in the West Yorkshire Regt during the Great War at the ripe old age of 52! He was given the Silver War Badge after being discharged in 1916. Harry married Lucy Allen and had two children (Kathleen and Dennis - my grandfather). Does anyone have any connections with this family that maybe might have more information or original documents to aid my research? Any additional information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chris.
  11. Hi Jan, I remember seeing you there, you were talking to my uncle Keith afterwards. Chris.
  12. Hi Martin, I have PM'd you a photograph, that maybe of some interest to you. Cheers, Chris.
  13. Despite only being 28, I have the entire programme collection from the cup run of 1966, including the song sheet. The remarkable thing about it was that Wednesday played the entire cup run away from home at Reading, Newcastle, Huddersfield, Blackburn, Chelsea (Neutral Venue) and of course at Wembley. I also have a replica of the white shirt worn by the players at the final and also a pennant marking the occasion and also listing Wednesday's previous cup wins. I hope to frame the cup final items, when I save up a few pennies!
  14. I think Stan must have been my late grandmother's cousin (Enid Elliott - nee White).
  15. My Grandmother Enid, died in July of this year and she left me some photographs. There is one that maybe you could help me identify? Do you have an email address (PM me it if you like and I will email it over to you). Ida married Robert William White, as you know and had three daughters - Roma, Stella and Enid. Enid married Dennis Elliott and had three sons - Stephen, Brian and Keith. Brian is my father and I was born in 1983. I have a younger brother.
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