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  1. there is a weather warning in place not sure of the severity, this is a "just in case" thread
  2. just wondering if the rain has caused any problems yet, and thought it would be a good Idea to open a thread for when/if it does.
  3. Highly recommend JCs on Little London Road just off Abbeydale Road, next to PLM Autos. happy to give you a contact number if you message me
  4. the top post has been edited. I didn't read every word of every comment to see if the exact location had been mentioned however it was wrong in the title which was my main point. picking up spelling mistakes is irrelevant and immature just because I picked up on one of your mistakes.
  5. It's actually spring lane so your all wrong
  6. just seen via twitter that there is an incident on London Road, certain busses not serving etc. just a heads up, & to be nosey and see if anybody knows what is happening?
  7. yesterday at about 715pm there was an incident on St Marys gate at the junction with Shoreham street, just wondering if anyone knows what happened, was lots of police present around the crossing area, not sure if anyone had been run over?
  8. been a stabbing..http://m.thestar.co.uk/news/crime/suspected-stabbing-leaves-sheffield-man-in-hospital-1-7020753
  9. just been told by a friend that that the road where olive Grove bus station is is taped off by police and they arnt letting cars or anything go past.. just a heads up for people traveling that way.. anyone know anything more? ---------- Post added 23-12-2014 at 23:57 ---------- just looked on bbc road closures it's heely bank road from slate street to spurr street.. Police incident
  10. carry on up that road, there's a sharp bend, then it turns right it happened on that corner.
  11. there are no cameras on that stretch of road and police are checking the ones in the area
  12. Early hours of yesterday morning my friends boyfriend was involved in a HIT AND RUN which happened around 3:00am. It happened on WELLINGTON STREET on the sharp corner, the person driving hit Karlton first with full impact BREAKING HIS RIGHT LEG, BUSTING OPEN HIS LIP WHICH HAS NEEDED 6 STITCHES AND KNOCKING OUT HIS FRONT TOOTH the driver also knocked one of his friends over and another young man, he then speeded off and didn't stop at the accident. There are NO cameras on the road to where it happened. Karlton cannot remember anything at the time as he kept drifting in and out of consciousness, he was admitted to hospital immediately. PLEASE HELP US FIND THE PERSON THAT DID THIS, THE CAR MUST HAVE SOME DAMAGE DONE TO IT! CHECK FOR ANY DAMAGES TO CARS AND LET US OR THE POLICE KNOW IMMEDIATELY. PLEASE SHARE THIS WE DONT WANT TO LET HIM GET AWAY WITH THIS. THANKYOU.
  13. Police ambulance and incident support unit are there, not sure exactly where or if causing traffic. anyone know anything?
  14. It's on the south Yorkshire fire website that somebody's house was on fire from an insence stick, 3 of them taken to hospital..
  15. I mean heely bank road where it joins onto olive grove road, sorry
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