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  1. Can be a bit noisy at the top end near the 'Shiregreen Arms' (don't think it will be around for much longer) as its now called, but its ok at the bottom of the ravine.It depends where you live now though ,you would have to way it up .
  2. Could also try the BIG project that runs from SOAR offices on Southey Hill, they advise and support people in new business and can sometimes help with start up monies.Sue or Sean 2327420
  3. Sure did, as did friends in Chapletown and Fox Hill. Scared the $%&* out of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Tonight I watched the news with an extremely heavy heart. In one segment it told the story of a young woman who a number of years ago was sexually assaulted by that sad excuse for a human being Ian Huntley. Even though This monster later admitted he had carried out this assault the police have still failed to charge him with this crime to at least allow this lady some form of closure, so to draw attention to this crime, she unfurlled a banner at a college or university. 4 hours later this young lady was arrested and is/was being held at a police station!!!!!!!! Included in the same programme was report on a lady who basically delivered junk mail, who trapped her finger in the letter box of an unsuspecting home owner. This woman then had the nerve to send a solicitors letter to this home owner to say it was her intention to sue him for her distress etc. My point to this is, at what point will common sense, justice, reason, and any other decent human emotion begin to see the light of day in what I can only see as a get rich quick, and forget about people, society. I really wish one day I can read a news report that can go some way towards restoring my faith in a society that seems to be becoming more unjust on a daily bais.
  5. In the eighties it was The Gardens for a short time .Used to have a disco upstairs ,there was a lad called Andrew who was the DJ (well sort of DJ)
  6. Can anyone give me any tips on trying to trace Keith ? He has a brother called Stuart and used to live in the Parson Cross area . Have 192.com ,but need credits to do a full search and also friends reunited . He is my mums cousin ,she hasn't seen him in 40 plus years and would love to meet up with him again Thanks
  7. could try Baldwins Omega. We went last night ,food was fantastic mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  8. I work for Age Concern give them a ring and ask for the Community Link Workers number for Low Edges her name is Alice She will be able to help or you can pm me and I will help jj
  9. Anyone know which bus goes to Margetson Cres or nearby and also where it stops in town? thanks jj
  10. Thanks maybe I will But when I'm sat in a restaurent I don't usually have access to the internet. I just like to know what I am eating maybe its just me!!
  11. Whilst I am sure the food is delicious !!!!! I'm sorry but I don't understand half of the menu Whats a rillet?piperade?Osso bucco?A show?(pregnant women please don't reply)Sarladaise?Kalamansi jelly?feuilletine?Shoulder lollipop? Just to name a few . Will probaly give it a try though as long as I can understand the menu
  12. Not really related to this thread apart from the Co-Op link, but after ordering 2 coffees at the co-op on friday I was given a sixpence in my change. Might explain alot about the co-op or it might not Didnt tell them as I prefered the sixpence to the 5p i should have been given maybe it will be a tanner next week
  13. Apologies for not thanking you earlier.Forgot about thread But could you expand on this.Do you mean the stream near Deerlands Avn? I take it if this is so ,below the stream is New Parson Cross?
  14. Correct me if I am wrong but it was European Funding not council monies that did the majority of the works done in Burngreave
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