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  1. would like to know how steve is,good old mate,just lost touch.iam down south.
  2. any one know of steve harper,devi ager.london rd area??. john dozsco,jonny naylor.
  3. hi soulseeker, i knew brian, from pearl st.he was one of my brothers best mates, my brother is called roy.
  4. not sure, not seen him since 1978,had younger brother mick,both worked for williams bros,lived near chesterfield rd end of lowedges rd.
  5. hi no i didnt,but the one iam looking for is aroud 60.
  6. hi any one know the whwre abouts of david, has brother mike,ex williams bros.old work mate,need to speake to him.thanks.send pm.
  7. hi lazec.you would have been playing about the same era as me,i also played with&against norman. my old clubs,bricklayers arms,hemsworth fc,aston fc,cremorne london rd,few years ago,may even know you mate.
  8. norman&maurice,sheffields best two footballing, brothers.any one know them?
  9. old mates from 60s/70s,devi ager,steve harper,john dozesco,john naylor. our local pub,was bricklayers arms,hereford st,cremorne,london rd,old football teams, hemsworth fc,managed by alex,in 60s. would like to know whereabouts,any help would be gratefull.
  10. still trying to find my old mates,from 60s,anyone know of them. devi ager,john dozesco,steve harper,jonny naylor,used to drink in bricklayers arms,cremorne london rd,can anyone help.thanks.
  11. hi suzyoo. my name is ford.i lived at 67 pearl st,then we moved to grange cres,late 50s givin.
  12. hi i know your aunty rita, shes my sister.
  13. what i can remember,wigfalls corner of hill st,few yards up best pie&peas,tripe,chiclin bag,also the butchers great roast pork sarnies. not sure if there was a police box at the bottom,opposite lacarno.any one remember that.
  14. hi woggle.i started going in 63/64, might know your grandad.
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