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  1. I have an external fan plugged in when I used it, I never noticed if the fan running fast or not.
  2. Hi can anyone help my laptop wont switch on it starts to power up but then cuts out after about a minute, I have replaced the power cable as i thought it might have been that but still doesn't work. I have tried it without the battery but that also doesn't make a difference, If i leave it for a few days it will power on for about 5-10 minutes.
  3. If you're a car enthusiast why not join our car group We have our first event of the season On April 20th, our opening event will take places at Bracken Cottage, our usual venue where we hold our monthly events and is based near Doncaster in Sandtoft. You will find at our Events : Bouncy castle and play are for children Burger van Live DJ will be playing the best in House, Electro, Dubstep, Trap, Charts plus more on Any Event Hire's Finest CD'Js Xclusive Customz will be in attendance with some Mean Machines as well as Yorkshire Mod'Z Promo Car Resident Photographer will be there covering the event, taking photos of all the cars there. Any Event Hire also will be out filming etc. on some events Raffle Tickets will be on sale for a chance to win... 1st Prize Custom Remap or Full in depth Service if already mapped or cant be mapped Failing that a full depth Valet. Danny DC Remaps Carr DC Remaps & Customising 2nd Prize £50 Voucher to use Carink.co.uk James Frost Hydro-Dipping Specialist 3rd Prize Bucket of Goodies Child friendly (Bouncy Castle, Facepaints) £3 ENTRY PER CAR!!! If you are coming down as a club and want a dedicated area, please get in touch with one of the admins with details of your club/how many cars you are expecting etc. so we can reserve the correct amount of space for you all HALF OF THE PROCEEDS WILL GO TO BLUEBELL WOOD CHILDRENS HOSPICE. NORMAL RULES APPLY *** NO COLIN MCRAE'S*** NO TEARING UP THE LAND PLEASE RESPECT THE VENUE OR YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE The address for the event is: BRACKEN COTTAGE, DONCASTER, SANDTOFT, DN8 5SX £3 Entry PER CAR Opposite Transport Museum, There will be signs in place to direct everyone to our event. THANKS AND STAY TUNED FOR OUR FUTURE EVENTS AT BRACKEN COTTAGE & ALSO OUR PLANNED CRUISES/DRIVES ETC. Hope to see you all there, and don't forget to confirm your attendance on the event! You will be able to find full details on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/Modzteam/
  4. Hi all just finished building a fresh organisation for car,bike,quads enthusiast. The name in it is Yorkshire Mod'z and the idea of it is to bring the whole of Yorkshire together for meets/events/seasonal events/charity runs/photo-shoots car of month prizes ect ect and basically to create a fresh group for everyone, we are not here to compete but to become a friendly place for all motor heads Feel free to join,keep calm and keep Yorkshire together If you would like to join look us up on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/524818310906934/
  5. cheers lad if u know any 1 else let them know
  6. If you own a subaru of any sort and live within south yorkshire then come and join our new group on facebook where you can get General scooby tech/info, Selling/Swaps. we will sort meets out when we have a good number of members https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/480812341990989/?bookmark_t=group this is a new group so members are low at the min but lets make this a great group. when we have a few members we will hold regular meets, photoshoots and more thanx sys
  7. they don't have claws hahahaha they probably would be staring at you though lol my partner used to say they were always watching him lol
  8. well I don't have anything to worry about as im engaged so wont be any strange women or men in my bedroom to scare off
  9. I keep them in my bedroom not in my main living area lol im not that obsessive that I crowd my living room or other living areas with them ---------- Post added 03-04-2013 at 15:47 ---------- im not that obsessive that I crowd my living room or other living areas with them they are kept in my bedroom lol
  10. if I had room to put them all out in a room I would keep them all but i think its pointless having a collection if your not gunna have it on display hence why im only selling part of my collection. in total i have aprox 300 but haven't counted in a while but only selling around 80-90, been collecting since i was a small child. for me they aren't an investment i just like them cant explain why, i just fell in love with them as a child and been collecting ever since although i haven't purchased any in a while and doubt i will be again as i don't have space.
  11. I dunno how much to sell them for either as there is quite a few and some will most probably need cleaning as been in boxes in a mucky loft for a while and wen advertising on here it requires a selling price
  12. any1 know were I could sell part of my troll collection in Sheffield or were else I could advertise them for sale. sadly I no longer have room for them all so most are in boxes in my parents loft so will need cleaning.
  13. Im a beginner of photography and i was wondering if anyone knew of any good places to take pic im looking for industrial, graffiti walls, run down warehouses etc must be accesable, any help will be much appreciated
  14. thanks everyone all your help has been great
  15. I'm wanting to get into photography but not sure what camera I should go for I've been looking at the SLR cameras but not sure what ones are good to start off with I don't want to spend loads just for a beginner I was thinking of spending about £200 and I don't mind buying a second hand camera any help would be much appreciated
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