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  1. Does anyone know of any film societies (not including the Sheffield Uni Film Unit) in Sheffield. I'm keen to join up with groups that go to watch decent films and discuss/lecture on it afterwards. Any suggestions?
  2. I've been in their a couple of times but haven't played. They've got lots of league stuff set up, about 16 PCs and a good atmosphere from what I've heard. Apparently they do all nighters during uni term time. They've also got four PS2s with steering wheels and seat frames which look particularly cool. Go in and have a chat, they've always been friendly when I've popped in.
  3. To rent, sorry for the inadequately worded subject and message
  4. A friend and I are looking for two bedroom apartments or houses in these areas in priority order: Crookesmoor, Crookes, Broomhill. We'd also venture to the West Street places if the price is right. Could anyone help?
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