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  1. Only ever use these lads myself, one of the techies there used to roadie for Mogwai so he's mint with jaguars. recently converted mine to a tunomatic and did an amazing job. http://www.bedfordguitars.co.uk/ Ta
  2. Guitar lessons available, Either electric or acoustic, most styles can be covered. go at your own pace. being playing for 15 years, have taught all ages since I was 16 and i'm 25 now get in touch, S7 25.00 p Hour
  3. yes, in fact the word satdi originates from tribal yorkshire to describe the day of football and pies.
  4. Spoilt for choice sandwich shop on eccie road always stocks them, also banging sarni's / coffee
  5. Eccy road is closed off and fire engines are blocking the road!
  6. After hearing loads of stories and bad stuff about Pete Hartley on London road, I would like to give him a 5 Star review, He has recently fixed my Sound City 50H Valve Head for the second time in three years and he was a pleasure to deal with, nice bloke with the right ideas no funny stuff good price quick response and will use him again.
  7. sorry about dodgy typing it's my daft phone
  8. police chopper has been going round in circles, netheredge atea and abbeydale for about half an hour, can't get a winks shut eye for the noise. anybody know owt? muat be something cause its dead late and weather is shocking
  9. this is dead funny. Might crack out a fake birth certificate next time I'm in Jabu!
  10. Same in S11 we've been two days now without any water and five in a house! had a massive dinner/party on sunday and nothing's been washed up since, toilet froze and shower not working, nightmare! Our landlady says theres nothing they can do and my stopcock is outside i think along with the bloody washing machine! NOT HAPPY:confused:
  11. Get down to this tonight, brilliant gig, brilliant band.
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