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  1. hi i am looking for the man who helped me get up after i took a bad fall on the pavement on Hillsborough place in Hillsborough please could you get in touch please 07444024163 on the 5th of june about 3 aclock
  2. is there any car boots this sunday 12th thanks
  3. Is there any christmas events happened near hillsborough that allows children etc? Thankyou
  4. Is there any firework displays going off in hillsborough tomorrow ( 5th ,November ) thankyou
  5. I told him I could work straight after baby born as its only 2, 5 hour days a week, so wouldnt be having time off. So its not an excuse off taking time off for him to train someone else up. Im 7 months pregnant.
  6. So I went for a waitressing job for an indian restaurant., had experience etc. Was happy to let me look around the restaurant. Told him I was pregnant this is his response. " erm right thats a problem " he says he doesnt think he can let me work there!
  7. Is tesco selle street on please ---------- Post added 03-09-2016 at 14:33 ---------- Sevile street
  8. I woke up this morning to find some thieving scroats had stolen the full exhaust system off my Mercedes Sprinter van . They had the bare faced cheek to lay under the van and unbolt it right outside my front door on a main road sometime between 1am and 6am They also damaged the turbo ,so im now left with a bill of over £2000 . I just want to warn people in the area as i know three other people had parts stolen off their vans up here last night. I hope the police get to them before i do .
  9. Hi lie is the car boot Def on tomorrow ty
  10. Just found a long haired Border Collie running around the piece of land i own thats attached to my garden in Deepcar. Unfortunately the dog run off through some trees and onto a path that runs alongside the railway line before i could catch it. It was a long haired black and white Collie , and id say around 3 years old , the same age as my Border. It looked well looked after ,and defiantly wasnt a stray . Not sure if it was wearing a collar or not. It was last seen heading down the path by the railway heading towards the park just off Vaughton Hill ( Don Field) around 11,45pm .
  11. yes love we are the same very slow and keeps going off s36 area
  12. just been on maylin bridge new christmas shop opening looks good from outside
  13. age 4 to 15 years ---------- Post added 09-10-2014 at 15:03 ---------- what shop is missing from hillsbrough
  14. is there a kids clothes shop in hillsbrough please
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