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  1. Hi, Trying to make plans for next weekend. Can anyone tell me whether there are any pubs etc doing fireworks displays in or around S12, S20, S21, Eckington areas?? I went to one a few years ago at a pub at the top of Eckington but cannot remember what its called. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.
  2. Hi My husband of less than 2 months went fishing at West pond at KJS fisheries at Killamarsh last week. He later went to the Co-Op at Basegreen shops. Somewhere along the way his new wedding ring slipped off. It is a gold band with silver either side and a scratched effect to the gold. It is a size P. I am extremely upset that this has happened and would be over the moon if anyone knows anything. Please pm if you have found it. Thanks
  3. Hi all I am the OP (now posting on my husband's account). My son is now nearly 12 years old and has started secondary school last September. He was eventually also diagnosed with Aspergers (as suggested by SportsTrophy). He continued to struggle through primary school with his literacy, although due to a very good SENCO and very supportive Y6 teacher he came along in leaps and bounds and managed to sit his SATs at the end of Y6, scraping a 4 in Maths, a high 3 in Science and scraping a 3 for Literacy which he and we were immensely proud of. This was such a massive achievement for him. He still isn't keen on English at secondary and will try to get out of physically putting work down on paper, however due to the increased list of subjects and particularly the increase in practical based subjects that he is taking this year he is much happier this year at school and actually professes to "like" school. It has helped a lot that he was find diagnosed on the autistic spectrum too (something that I have been adamant about since he was 3 but Ryegate initially refused to agree with)as this helped us to understand that other sides of his personality were down to this. We have also been able to help him understand friendships and emotions better following this and he has finally made some friends this year for the first time. It also helped immensely that his Dad was finally diagnosed (at the age of 35) with severe ADHD and Dyslexia so now our son doesn't feel like he is the only one. He realises that other people understand the difficulties he goes through now. Although he is a very intelligent boy he will always struggle at school, however he is now getting an education and his future is now looking much brighter. He is already quite determined that he will become a mechanic like his Dad and is set on going to college. I just wanted to update all those who helped and supported through this post and hopefully give hope to anyone else who is watching their child suffer in a similar fashion.....life can get better for them and for you!!
  4. Hi I have asked my OH to get me an electronic die cutter for my birthday, however I don't know which is best. I seem to think that I have read somewhere about a machine which is linked to my computer where it will cut out any die I design on the laptop. Is this the case? If not, how do these electronic die cutters work? How do they differ(other than not having to turn the handle!) to normal die cutters(I have BigShot)? Which one would you recommend as the best to buy? Thanks
  5. To the extremely rude driver who pulled over and threatened my son: At 3.10 today as my son walked home, 2 other pupils walking directly in front of him were throwing snowballs at cars. My son was not taking part in this, nor did he actually know the 2 children who were doing it. Whilst I understand how maddening it can be when children do this, along with the dangers that it can cause, a fully grown man pulling alongside an 11 year old child and telling him "Oi <REMOVED>, throw another <REMOVED> snowball at my car and I will break your <REMOVED> legs" is absolutely downright disgusting!! My son has special needs and has been extremely upset by this. Please think carefully before making such comments again, particularly when deciding to tar all pupils with the same brush. I would advise in future that a better way to deal with such incidents is to provide the local school (Birley) with a photo or description of the (correct) culprits in order for them to deal with this effectively. Regards, A seriously <REMOVED> off Mum!
  6. Try Ridgeway Arms at Mosborough. Our wedding is on a budget and these offered the best by far: £100 for the room alone or room free if you choose their buffet. Its a massive room too and much more elegant than anything else we looked at.
  7. Hi pony babes. Could you please provide further information: How much are you looking for per week towards costs? Are you happy for her to be hacked out? Is she insured/would we only need rider insurance? Is all tack available? My step-daughter is 7 years old and is keen to learn. I have loaned previously and have been riding for more years than I care to remember. I would like the opportunity to be able to teach her to ride myself. I know the area very well (we live at Basegreen) and would like to be able to take her out to hack her on lead rein around the local bridleways. Thanks
  8. You took that upon yourself. If I had wanted the contact details I would have asked. I am more than capable of using a search engine to find the number. The details that are not available there are the opening hours. Please don't try to get smart with me, I asked for a particular piece of information for a reason and that was not what you provided.
  9. Ive already tried. They aren't open yet. That's why Im wondering what the opening times are!!
  10. Does anyone know what time Village Video at Woodhouse opens today?
  11. Hi Myself and hubby-to-be are hoping to get married on 25th April next year. We are still pricing stuff up and are looking for photographer, cake, venue for evening do and cars. We are on a tight budget due to time constraints but due to a terminal illness in family cannot push date back any further so we need reasonably priced quotes. Actual wedding to take place at registry office for me, hubby and 35 guests followed by evening do for approx. 130 -150 people. I would prefer south Sheffield for venue. Thanks in advance
  12. My hubby-to-be took me to look at a place yesterday next to old ice rink - think its called Stars and Mayfair or summat like that - doesn't look much from outside but was nice inside and very reasonable prices and they were really flexible about being able to decorate yourself and bring in own food etc.
  13. Not sure about tea dyeing but I know that you can buy fabric dyes for a reasonable price from hobbycraft, these may be of use to you.
  14. Hi all I am 30 years old and have 25 years riding experience. I have loaned previously but due to family/work commitments and it being a long distance to travel I had to stop. I am looking for a 16h+ horse to exercise once/twice a week, preferably with one day being sat or sun. This must be around south Sheffield: Birley, Gleadless, Norton, Ford, Ridgeway, Hackenthorpe, Woodhouse, Eckington, Killamarsh areas. I am mainly looking to hack out and know these areas (and the bridleways) well, but would be happy to do some ground work/jumping too. The horse must be 100% in traffic/to catch/tack up etc and must have been in work recently, I am not looking for something which is too fresh/green. Occasionally my partner would come to ride with me and we are both fully insured through the BHS. If you think you have a horse which may be suitable then please contact me so that we can chat further/arrange to meet.
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