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  1. martin441

    Anyone there from Carbrook?

    did you know a Christine Hall who lived on Carbrook st. she lived near the shop on the bend.
  2. martin441

    Lost Breweries of Sheffield

    I used to love the smell as I walked over ladysbridge to town . but a lot didn't.
  3. martin441

    Holgate Crescent - Parson Cross - Sheffield

    I lived on Holgate crescent in the late forties ; I think it was at number 52, but not sure . We moved when my dad was killed in a works accident in 1948.
  4. martin441

    Old Stannington

    thanks any way for your reply.
  5. martin441

    Old Stannington

    That's right she did . do you know what happened to her ?
  6. martin441

    Old Stannington

    I used to know a girl called Judith Rose who lived in Stannington in the 60's . Does anyone know her ?.
  7. martin441

    Darnall did you live here

    I used to live on Coleridge road at the bottom of Fitzmaurice rd at number 568 .It was great then ,but not now .visited the area a few months ago . couldn't find my way around . its a dump now , I now live in Liverpool , have done for 14 years.
  8. martin441

    Driving school.

    I learnt to drive at Jack Clares. my instructor was a Mr. Froom. and I passed first time!.
  9. I remember my mother going to see; Slim Whitman at the Empire . She was a big fan of his.
  10. My first wage was 2-15s-6d .Working at Kayser Ellisons on Carlisle st, 1959.
  11. martin441

    Royal Hospital West Street

    I had my appendix out there in 1963. !!
  12. I live in Liverpool now from , Coleridge road Darnall .
  13. martin441

    Kayser Ellison steel works

    I used to work at Kaysers from 1959- 1967 but that was on Carlisle street .
  14. martin441

    The end of the Labour party

    I am 72 years old ; and I have always voted Labour. but I will never vote labour again while Corbyn is in charge . We need another John Smith not a granny smith like we have now.
  15. I remember you Jack very well , they were good times I think. where are you now? I left Sheffield 17 years ago, The managing director did go to prison and when he came out he worked as a builders labourer!

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