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  1. NATO is not a world police force; but it keeps getting members closer and closer to Russia . This is what Putin is afraid of . he doesn't trust the west . Ukraine is not a member of NATO ; he has invaded that country before it can join ;like Latvia and lithuania. If NATO did intervene we would surely have Nuclear weapons involved at some point ; and the thought of this is too horrible to think about . remember M.A.D. MUTUAL ASSURED DISTRUCTION..
  2. I'm sure the Calvert brothers used to go and drink in the golden ball on Darnall main road..
  3. Was there a large toy shop near the top of the moor ? and was it called Redmans' or Redgates ?
  4. Used to go to a tailors on Bridge St. Can't remember the name ; was it Levis or one of Barney's shops . Can anyone help !
  5. Nothing much on my birthday except I was born 9 days after the D Day landings.
  6. I knew a Janet Housley who lived on Fitzmaurice rd. Darnall in the 50/60s.
  7. I remember Bennetts fishing tackle shop on the Wicker: and I think it was near a Chinese resturant ?
  8. There was no co-op near us but I'm wondering if the person who gave you a lift was Mr. Greenwood who had a sweet shop further down the road and I think he had a car ; not sure though. How is Elizabeth .
  9. My grandmother lived 2 doors away from you , in the same yard. their name was Overall . My name is dave newton and I lived on Coleridge rd. between Fitzmaurice and Jubilee rd. I remember you and your sister , I think you both had blonde hair. I'm 76 now. And I can remember one of you saying you were emigrating . In the same yard were the Hancocks, Overalls , Swains I think and and you the Corkers , Nice to hear from you .
  10. Was your maiden name corker. because I lived at the bottom of that road , and there was a family who emigrated to New Zealand and they had 2 daughters.
  11. What was your father's name; I worked as a centreless grinder from 1972 - 1989.
  12. What was the pubs name that stood next to Washford bridge down Attercliffe ; anybody know ?
  13. He was a little chap who I used to work with and he got me membership of Burnaby st. WMC. The other chap Edwin had a limp there were many more but I can't remember there names . When was it demolished.? I now live in Liverpool and have done for 20 years now.
  14. I used to be a member there in the 60's,. did anybody know Harold wright ; I think he was on the committee. and another chap called Edwin ; don't know his last name though.
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