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  1. Have to agree that Gusto is the star in the city centre. Can't think of anywhere else I would choose to eat a sit down meal. I think Silversmiths has a good concept, but possibly just lacks a bit of finesse. Food should be foremost about how it tastes, of course, but presentation goes a long way
  2. Hi everyone. I've not been on the forum for quite a while, but been reading a few posts here and there today and thought..What food do Sheffielders enjoy? I joined the forum at the tender age of 15, and now 23, I have worked in some of Londons best michelin starred restaurants, as a chef, as well as working in around Sheffield briefly before I moved away. What has always struck me is how difficult it is to gauge what sort of food is successful in Sheffield. It seems from my experience that 'fine dining' just doesn't work in Sheffield. Nobody seems to get enthusiastic about it, but much rather prefer simple brasserie style food. Obviously having left Sheffield aged 18, I'm not totally clued up as much as I was, but the restaurants that seem to be doing well are not the fancy pants sort, but the more simple tasty options. Places like Thyme Cafe, Relish etc. Which always seem busy.Places like Rafters, the Vicaridge and Fischers struggling to fill the dining room every lunch and dinner each day. So, what is your favourite restaurant, and where do you like to go for food? Would you be interested in having a Michelin starred restaurant in the city centre? Or should we just leave that to London?
  3. I've got an ipod dock with a remote for some good speakers. But whenever I use the remote, to play or pause or skip a track, it seems to open up and play music from my itunes on my MacBook pro automatically. Is there a way to disable this??
  4. I wonder if anyone has had an experiences with a zero carb diet and what they achieved in the time they used it. Something I have heard is that when you start eating Carbohydrates again, the weight piles back on. I generally do a lot of exercise (4 times a week at a minimum) which is usually weight training, running and cycling. Male-21 My fitness is good, but I find it hard to lose weight, fat in particular. My diet is pretty good, as a chef I cook fresh every day. I've recently been away from where I study and so basically I did 2 jogs in 3 weeks (Thats all!!) and evidently put on a lot of weight by just lounging and eating. It would be interesting to see what sort of results the zero carb diet has had on people. I'm pretty sceptical, but I know it does work. Is it just a case of calories are reduced to such a low amount that weight is lost through normal everyday exercise? Look forward to hearing about any trials you have had Will
  5. Yeah restarted it a few times. And deleted the network off the computer and then re-assigned it, but still no prevail
  6. All of a sudden our net has become awfully slow, I don't suppose the weather has had anything to do with it? New macbook, so I can't imagine it's the fault of the computer. Other laptops in the house having some issues also. Confused as it seemed to be working fine a couple of days ago. We are on a BT router, which all the lights are showing to be ok.
  7. Warnock walked, I think he states in his book the reasons why. Sean Beans an idiot, Warnock would drop him on the spot. Shame he didn't do that to Quinn and Bromby. If we had Hulse for the rest of that season...ah what if
  8. That could be it mate, a while ago though?
  9. Couldn't have said it better myself, UTB. Let's hear the Bramall roar!
  10. I heard he was off at the start of January. I can't quite remember where, or who it was that told me. It wasn't a forum and it wasn't on the radio. Maybe I am dreaming??
  11. I heard he was going to Derby, but not sure, that was a while ago
  12. There is so many issues to call upon, such as lack of a player who can bury the ball in the back of net. But defence has been shambolic. There is nobody who can head the ball either, set pieces have been woeful. Players such as the Steads, the Hulses, The Halfords, who could get stuck in and win headers. Bent has had nothing, and Cresswell is generally sulking out on the wing. I think earlier in the season, the average height of the Blades was about 5'8..maybe shorter...says it all
  13. You honestly think it's the end of the line? I'd like to disagree, but it seems that we can play averagely better than the opposition, yet still come away with diddly.
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