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  1. WIG & PEN was always on the list of pubs for a good saturday night back in the days, PIG AND WHISTLE, STONEHOUSE , GOLDEN BALL , WIG & PEN , THREE TUNS. all in the days before WEST STREET.!!!!!!!!!
  2. HI, My company always tend to use Howdens, they have a vast supply of ranges from comtempory to traditional and at price ranges to suit. We carry out all design 3d cad and installation works from rip-out , plastering , plumbing , electrics , tiling and joinery all by our own team. please visit our web site and also our link to < Freeindex > for photos and customer reveiws. Thanks. Ian http://www.stoneoaksdevelopments.co.uk
  3. As mentioned above if your lower door panel is flat, obtain a new cat flap from, argos/ pets 4 u, measure up to position in centre of panel at correct height and cut using a drill for pilot holes and then a small pad saw. the out-side face usually has a hardboard backing for security. then just fit new flap. ENSURE YOU DO NOT CUT HOLE TO BIG!!. Hope this helps. http://www.stoneoaksdevelopments.co.uk
  4. I Agree AMRAJ takes some beating. great curries great service.
  5. Hi there, we have carried out loads of these for clients, especially on student accomadation where space is vital, We have also carried out a lot for loft conversions etc. All are to suit your budget & requirements, veiw some of these on one of our sites http://www.freeindex.co.uk. under Stoneoaks Developments Ltd thanks Ian : 07866972102
  6. HI, we fitted a kitchen from this company early this year and all units and worktops were as required, you pay for the quality you want. they have a good showroom so go along and take a look. we specialise in this work so please give us a call for a free estimate. also veiw our work on http://www.freeindex.co.uk or our old website http://www.stoneoaksdevelopments.co.uk (new going live soon). good luck Ian . Stoneoaks Developments Ltd 07866972102
  7. Sad to hear about Bill i did my apprenticeship under his supervision and he taught me many skills over the years. Last time i saw him though was back in 83 and like evey thing else you just lose contacts!.
  8. HI, With regaurds to calling round today, sorry could not make it due to commitments and also i do not have your contact no to inform you, I shall be round tommorrow at time mentioned if okay. Thanks IAN. text me if you like THANKS:)
  9. Yeh i remember Ducky Daniels always going round asking to grip your hand he was a strong bloke. also names that pop to mind , Smurf (Handy man, moved up to Olive Grove Depot when it opened ) also Mick (tall lad in Body shop) Mutsy (Fitter) Brynn jones (fitter) stevie lee (body shop) Bill williams, Alan, ken,& ginger neil ( sheet metal shop) and joe (handy man metal shop) were are they all now!!!!!!. Great times long gone, Especially sending all the new apprentices to the stores for a LONG STAND!
  10. Anyone out there who used to work at the Enginnering Bus Depot, I was ther 1978 - 1982 in the Sheet Metal Shop. Some great Lads and some charactors, anyone remember the handyman shouting WINNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY, or standing at the stores counter for ages.!!!!
  11. HI THERE, We are currently waiting for the go ahead for an extension in croospool, and doing one now at Richmond. and would be happy to meet up to give you free advice and input. also we have various architechts we could get to draw up plans for a more accurate extimate. Give me a call 07866972102 Ian. Stoneoaks Developments Ltd. http://www.stoneoaksdevelopments.co.uk
  12. HI THERE, I can understand your deadline as my Daughter is having her first baby on 14th SEPT and has been all on getting their house ready, Going back to your question my company STONEOAKS DEVELOPMENTS LTD carry out this type of work, And although we have work on till late October we may be able to fit you in. To be honest any good builders should now be getting work booked in months in advance but you never know ,I am the last person to have a dig at my fellow colleages. Anyway please visit us on http://www.freeindex.co.uk to see work and read reviews and if you want call me for a free no obligation quotation. Thanks IAN.
  13. HI THERE, We specialise in this type of work and cover all aspects of work required. please visit our website http://www.stoneoaksdevelopments.co.uk (new one under construction. or visit us on http://www.freeindex.co.uk for customer reveiws and photos Thanks IAN 07866972102 STONEOAKS DEVELOPMENTS LTD
  14. Amraj , can not fault it go regulary and food is spot on.
  15. Hi there, we do this type of work all the time. Not only do we fit the kitchen but also do complete refurbishment as well should you need it. PleasE visit us on http://www.freeindex.co.uk to veiw our customer feedback and veiw our work. or look us up on GOOGLE. Thanks IAN @ STONEOAKS DEVELOPMENTS LTD or contact me on 07866972102 http://www.stoneoaksdevelopments.co.uk email : ian@stoneoaksdevelopments.co.uk
  16. I went to charnock school junior and infants from 1965 to 1972 Great school, we always seemed to be going on trips somwhere. I even went to Austria on the school trip in 70-71? any one else go !. I still see the odd face from those days and often go passed ( not changed much) taking short cut through the estae. Mr Jarvis was my form teacher , classroom right down at the botom on the right. And who can remember the house teams : Brindly, Chantry, Hardwick, & Nightingale i think. I was in brindly BUT Chantry allways seemed to WIN. DAYS GONE BY
  17. sounds like asbestos sheet, whatever you do do not break up as this releases the fibre particals, we have had it before on various projects. needs to be disposed of by certified companies ,look in yellow pages. not cheap though. I am not sure if council tip sites will take it although it has to be double bagged up and sealed first, give city council a call first. http://www.stoneoaksdevelopments.co.uk
  18. Hi there, give Don a ring on 07979806126 he has various rooms at different locations around the hunters bar area. all clean and well presented. tell him Ian gave you his details. http://www.stoneoaksdevelopments.co.uk
  19. HI THERE, We would be more than happy to call round and veiw the work you require, then submit a free no obligation quotation to you. please see our feedback on various sites in Google. < Stoneoaks developments ltd > We carry out all full bathroom re-furbishments and more. Thanks Ian. http://www.stoneoaksdevelopments.co.uk. E-mail ian@stoneoaksdevelopments.co.uk
  20. Give STONEOAKS DEVELOPMENTS LTD a ring for all your Building needs on 0114 2475634 or ring Ian on Mob 07866972102. they cover all aspects of building work from start to finish and have there own team of tradesmen. look them up in Google For reveiws etc. They are always willing to give free help and advice if needed..
  21. HI THERE, I used to live on Kew Crescent and did so from being born 61 until married in 1984, My parents moved in from when they were built in 1958, I am talking about the very bottom of Kew Cres with the awkward turning and parking. These houses were originally been built by a private builder who went bust so the council continued to build and finish off and so moved in council tennants, My parents being one. It was a great crescent and every one new every one especially in the 60,s & 70,s. I had mates who lived on bowman drive & lunar croft and as previous thread these were built 55/56. The rows of R.A.F houses became empty around 68-69 and these were a great place to play and explore the gardens, before being bought by the council and then like most houses around there now sold privately. we even used to explore the old R.A.F base before the hospital was built. During the war barragge ballons used to be sent up from there from what i have heard. hope this helps.
  22. married my wife who lived on spa veiw drive for 22 years, my sister lives on cotleigh cres and can-not fault it. lot of people now bought from council so estate is picking up, although some shops could do with a re-vamp.
  23. HI THERE , We are just finishing a full roof covering in the sheffield 12 area on a terrace with off-shot bathroom, Feel free to veiw if you want this week. call me 07866972102 THANKS IAN http://www.stoneoaksdevelopments.co.uk
  24. HI THERE, Please give me a call on 07866972102i am sure we can solve your problem, and we are Gas safe registered. thanks IAN . Stoneoaks Developments ltd http://www.stoneoaksdevelopments.co.uk
  25. HI THERE PROPERTYGURU. I run StoneoakS developments ltd and we specialise in this type of work. we have carried out many property refurbishments over the years for the the student sector for various clients around the Hunters bar / Ecclesall road area. variying from full loft conversions/ full re-furbs/ new kitchens / new bathrooms through to all maintainance issues. so we know what you want and the deadlines involved for when they all return back for the new term. also we can cover 24/7. please visit our web site or look us up on google. with thanks Ian . 07866972102 http://www.stoneoaksdevelopments.co.uk
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