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  1. Thanks again for all replies...i asked the seller for any receipt details so I could have proof he sent it... Just ignored me and kept saying he would sort it...had open case with paypal for 3 days and he has replied to them with any proof yet...and to send by standard parcel for goods worth 50 pounds seems strange...wouldnt they have sent it signed for or recorded??
  2. Thanks for all replies so far... Reported the letters couple of weeks ago and theyre investigating them...the parcel however is suppose to be coming by standard parcel but has been two weeks. Called royal mail said they cant trace it as not special delivery or signed for...the sender is adamant its been sent and that I must have received it?? So really I cant claim as sender wont give me the sending details and royal mail cant trace...so lost out, so il have to to get paypal to investigate.... ---------- Post added 05-09-2013 at 20:58 ---------- But really could be either way...a dodger sender or royal mail fault as had problems with letters...so dont know exactly where the faults can lie??
  3. live in s2 ordered couple of things over last couple of weeks, one not been delivered and some mail comes through letter and looks like its been tampered with/ opened and re-sealed. just wondering if other ppl having similar experiences??
  4. i wasnt driving,my car was parked when broken into...i was told by a passerby in fairleigh that some other car windows were broken into further up from me near park n arbour club...
  5. well like i say cant say it was them,but was three young lads in trackies standing near to the sandwhich shop.when i got back within about 4 minutes or so,they were gone and my window had been done. they took a small black pouch/bag which was under the seat which had all my medication in. i suspect they thought it was something else but it was hidden so dont know wat might have made them think there was anything valuable there...
  6. van broken into across from sandwhich shop just round corner from premier at fairleigh. ---------- Post added 14-03-2013 at 17:43 ---------- the other cars what had been done, i was told by a passerby to be somewhere around the park n arbour club.
  7. hi all just curious as to whether anyone saw anything happen to an astra van parked across from sandwhich shop near premier shop at fairleigh? went to post office n come bk to find my passenger window broke and some of my things gone,was three young lads in hoodies around there but cant be 100 percent its them? but heard a few other cars had been done near arbourthorne club....
  8. could it have been one of the larger industrial size bins he fell asleep in
  9. moan moan moan they dont come u moan they turn up u moan its a job
  10. hi try apple van hire on bradway rd £44 a day metrow is £95 mate and dont do half days hope this helps
  11. i thought wagbow was in london and not around here but got to get back for the xfactor for tonight sreaming songs ha ha
  12. hi u can buy plug in rodent and insect devices they give out loud high pitch noise that goes round your lecy system and drives them mad we had mice used these and it sent them to shed never seen them since that was 4 years ago £20 each for plug ins need 2 ok hope this helps thanx john
  13. ring 07930882027 ask for john i will beat any quote thanx
  14. try john carrs of doncaster they might stock it or make u one ok
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