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  1. Emmental and Parmesan are my personal faves. Edam a close second
  2. That is a simple solution. I'm really surprised that none of the butchers volunteered this information / service when I was asking. Fingers crossed! ---------- Post added 18-02-2015 at 10:45 ---------- That's a negatory, good buddy. Any other ideas?
  3. Hello all, I thought I'd try the foodie group with this, before posting over in general. I cannot, for the life of me, find anywhere in Sheffield that sells (raw) Cumberland sausage rings. Morrisons sell cooked (read: incinerated) ones, but none you cook yourself. I've looked at Asda, Sainsburys, the new moor market (REALLY thought they'd have some) and numerous family butchers but none of them sell the rings, just ordinary sausage. Has anyone got any ideas?
  4. So, as I understand it (feel free to correct me), I pay council tax for the Police, Ambulances/NHS, Postal Delivery, Keeping roads clear (or is this under Road Tax?), etc etc etc. In the last six months (and longer), I have phoned the Police 0 times, needed an Ambulance / hospitalisation 0 times, had nothing but junk and circular mail. The only thing I use (if it's included in this) is the roads - for the terrible bus service - and the council have abandoned them to the elements (despite many assurances heard on radio / tv stating it was all in hand and controlled). So because of this, I don't get paid today. But the council still get to tax me on my earnings. That accurate?
  5. Definately not the one I got then. That didn't have a door compartment OR space for 12.
  6. Sounds like it's definately a mini fridge I'm after. That cooler thing was garbage.
  7. as quoted. Also, we recently lost the sound on our HD channels or over a week. Go with sky. It might be more expensive, but we never had any of the problems we do with virgin.
  8. Morning all. I have to ask, does anyone know the difference? Because I bought what I THOUGHT was one of those little glass and metal mini fridges. Turns out it's this pathetic plastic effort that I can just store a bottle in, have to turn off every day for an hour and does naff all to cool / chill. So, help? Anybody got one? Can you tell me where from / how much / what type / how cold it gets things?
  9. Yes, but only six of them were the "shatner" reign. Seven if you count Generations. And I never even heard of this damage? Every person I've gotten into the trek argument with love TNG. Voyager, less so. But if these two incarnations are the mediocre ones (and for the record, I don't agree there. Especially considering DS9) why not faff with the canon there? Why go back into the history of every episode ever made and monkey round?
  10. I'm giving it a miss. I refuse to pay to see movies that these directors have just recycled. Where's the originality gone out of the media? The main one that screams at me is that flop of a Star Trek film. We have an established canon, SIX prior films, but this one director thinks he knows better? If I happen to catch one of these recycled films and find it on par or better than the original, I'll hold my hand up and say they did a good job.
  11. End global warming, bring about world peace, end starvation, usher in an end to the energy crisis. I'd like to thank the acadamy for this prestigious award... Seriously? Make clothing incredibly painful for women to wear. Any clothing. At all. And I mean unbearable. Permanently. I'd also give myself more than one man bit. Or tentacles. Tentacles would be better in the new naked lady world.
  12. The box things are a joke. We don't use it.
  13. Hello all, just thought i'd mention tht there's an Autoglass van parked in the Hillsboro Morrisons lower car park advertising free chip repairs. I don't drive, so if anyone can confirm this... Just thought I'd let you know. Don't know how long they're going to be staying for.
  14. The Malin Bridge Inn has jam sessions on wednesday and, I think, Sunday nights. That's in hillsborough.
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