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  1. Hi, we have small levels of damp on one of internal walls, was wondering roughly how much per metre this would cost to either inject a damp proof course, or pull the plaster off, seal it and replaster. It's nothing serious apparently, would just be good to get it seen to. Cheers
  2. Hi, I am running the London Marathon in April to raise money for Ataxia UK (http://www.ataxia.org.uk/). The ataxias are life-limiting neurological disorders. People of any age may be affected, from babies to adults. First symptoms are usually loss of balance and slurred speech. Ataxia may then progress until a person is entirely dependent on family and carers. There is currently no cure and little money for research. My sister Lorna has lived with ataxia for the last 19 years since she was 15 years old, hence my reason for wanting to raise money that will be put towards research that one day will help families in similar positions to my own. I have a justgiving page at http://www.justgiving.com/sturunsroundlondon - it would be much appreciated if you were able to help out, many thanks, Stuart
  3. Ummmmmm..... I posted this message over three years ago, I'm not still looking But thanks for all your help!
  4. It's been shocking for us in S8 too - just been speaking to them on the phone and they say they're oversubscribed and there is on-going maintenance work, and will be fixed "in time". We are getting 0.2-0.4 Mbps, utter cr*p.
  5. The apocalypse is coming, that guy that walks up and down fargate with the flourescent jacket and sign told me...
  6. Hello, anyone know where I can buy one from? Need it fairly quickly...
  7. I go to volkstek in dronfield http://www.volks-tek.com/
  8. do you mean Asprea or Asprey? We dealt with Aspray and they were awful, took 4 months to get a leak fixed, a million emails and ignored phone calls - a guy caled David Spafford was dealing with it, utter rubbish. Complained to head office, never heard anything back. Avoid like the plague.
  9. http://www.find-cd.co.uk will search every site mentioned on this page and about 20 others, and takes postage into account which is obviously extremely important. There's other sites done by the same people, such as find-dvd and find-book. Always, always go here first.
  10. The salesperson called Barry at Virgin Gym has tonight told me that the joining fee is £100. He said that there's a special 60% offer on at the moment where you can get it for £40. I did a trial whilst I was down there and decided to ask around in the spa what fees other people had paid. Of the three people that I asked, one had paid nothing, someone else had paid £25, and the other person £30. I can safely say that I will now not be signing up.
  11. Many thanks for all the replies and similar stories, I have forwarded this thread onto the Royal Mail now who will likely fob me off with six first class stamps.
  12. How much do you charge to replace brake fluid in a polo? The prices are not yet filled in on your site...
  13. Anyone else finding that their mail has been tampered with at all? We live in S8, specifically near the top of Meersbrook Park... We've had several letters over the last month containing credit cards that have been opened and some birthday cards too, nothing else though, just potentially money related letters. I've complained to the Post Office several times, but they always try to fob me off with the excuse that their machines sometimes open mail?! Obviously their machines are very particular about which mail they open i.e. the ones that contain something to do with money. Someone either at the sorting office, or the postman, is being a bit naughty and we no longer feel that we can have anything of any value delivered to our house - the Post Office don't appear to care less about it and just give me a reference number every time, gee, thanks...
  14. I have used both Gilders in Hillsborough and the one on Ecclesall Road and the service has been completely shocking both times. Non-returned phone calls, having to wait for 1/2 an hour for somebody to even talk to you, looking down their nose at you for whatever reason. Totally unprofessional, rude and incompetent. I would never buy a Volkswagen again solely because of the cr*p service I have received time and time again. And yes, they will rip you off as well.
  15. Is it normal when you get someone in to replaster your ceiling for them to refuse to refit the light they took down and tell you that it's your job to put it back up?? I'm having a large Sheffield firm do this work for me and this is what the plasterer has told me this morning, he says he's just going to be leaving it dangling out of the ceiling! It's a bathroom light so it's a fairly large fitting. I'm debating whether to phone up and take it up with the company in question, it just seems like they're not finishing the job properly..
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