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  1. Good news......Barney was found safe and well last night....reunited with his owner. Thanks for looking out for him.
  2. Yes the Owner has contacted everyone she should so hopefully it's only a matter of time. Thanks
  3. Can everyone keep a look out for a dog that has gone missing today in Meersbrook Park.He's 15 years old and deaf, he has a collar without a tag but he is microchipped. He's brown but his fur is showing his mileage! If you find him can you please ring the owner on 07528763780 who is desperate to have him home.
  4. Hi Rain Rescue...is there anything i can do to help Monty? Can i take him to Aquavet for you maybe and make sure he's dry before he comes back? Let me know if i can do anything to help make him more comfortable.
  5. I really feel for all of you that have posted on here, i too have a wonderful GSD afflicted by this awful disease. She was just 5 when she was diagnosed and is now 7. I know she's deteriorating but it is fairly slowly and she's happy still. The one thing that has kept her going, in my opinion, is Hydrotherapy. We have been going every week since she was diagnosed and her muscle bulk is still ok. She can still climb the stairs and walk an hour a day, she can still get into the back seat of the car and jump onto our bed ( with the help of the blanket box!) The staff at Aquavet are fab and really care about the dogs... I tried the vitamin regime too to start with ( A, E and C i think and selenium) and some injections but to be honest i wouldn't have had a clue what was working and what wasn't so i decided to just stick to the Hydrotherapy. Good luck to all of you with your wonderful dogs
  6. This whole thread is ridiculous and totally out of context. The vast majority of dog owners are responsible and careful and want to protect their dogs from situations where they could be accused of bad behaviour....how many parents can say the same thing? Shrieking children who are out of control in public places are as much of a disturbance and annoyance as any dog that i know. Plus this type of behaviour confuses and unsettles animals which just exacerbates the problem. Surely it would be sensible for any children that are scared of dogs to be introduced to calm and friendly dogs to help them overcome their fears rather than display hysterical behaviour. And then maybe we can all play together nicely in public places.
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