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  1. Not October, the second two weeks of SEPTEMBER:o
  2. Does anyone know a good place to stay the second two weeks of October? Does anyone know what Ivory House Hotel looks like and it's well located respect the University? Thanks.
  3. I am male, 26 years old. I would like to movie in with a 20/30-years-old, dynamic, looking forward to knowing other ways of live (e.g., spanish), responsible, not owning the flat. I am not specially interested in my flatmate to be female or male. Thanks.
  4. Hi, everybody! Visiting Researcher at the University of Sheffield moving from Spain looks for house share from mid-September till Christmas. Thanks.
  5. I am going to Sheffield to spend two days visiting the city. My girlfriend and I would like to know if there are double rooms avalaible in the city during 20-22 August, 2003. We've checked online offers but they are really expensive, could anyone living in Sheffield help us? P.D.: The main idea behind the journey is to see how people live in Sheffiels, mainly because I (this time alone) am visiting Sheffield to work as an engineer from mid-September until Christmas. What do you recommend me for laccomodation? Thank you very much.
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