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  1. I have done some of my own research, and like I said they don't ask for money upfront for being on their books or for any consultations, I already know not to hand money over to companies that are not recommended but from the reviews on the Web they seem legit, I don't see anything wrong with paying for photo's after all models need a portfolio. All I wanted to know is if the company is reputable.
  2. Thank you everyone, iv booked the appointment for next month (they must be really busy!!)
  3. Hi, thank you that really does help, I'm really excited for her, I will ring them tomorrow and arrange the interview thanks
  4. Around 2 months ago my 9 year old daughter showed an interest in modelling, it's a long story so won't go in to it..... anyway I sent an application to Dk models in chappletown as they were nearby and their website looked great, I forgot all about this until today when I received an email from them saying they were interested in representing her, they don't require any fees to put her on their books or for any of the interviews, but they charge £65 for a portfolio shoot only if accepted (it does also say that if you don't want the portfolio done by them they can point you in the direction of another photographer) I just wondered if anyone has ever had any dealings with this company? Can they be trusted? Are they reputable? Any info would be greatly received as I wouldn't want to go along and be disappointed. Thank you
  5. Ks - Kristen stewart (bella from twilight) we also share the same birthday ---------- Post added 15-11-2013 at 15:06 ---------- Kevin Spacey for the male
  6. I need a cheap working washer desperately! Is there any shops that do them cheap I only have around 60-70 to spend on one, also does anyone have the number for the appliance shop on elm lane near the aquatics shop? Thank you
  7. I may have found him fingers crossed I will be ringing the RSPCA in the morning to see if the one on there found section is mine, I have a really good feeling about this one
  8. No unfortunatly he isnt neutered or chipped i am going to have some posters printed i have put posters on all the pet groups all over facebook but no one has seen him, will nip in to my local vets 2moro i dont know why i didnt think to go there.
  9. My cat has been missing for 2 weeks now he is an all ginger tom cat still really young 6 months old tops, he has orangy coloured eyes and was wearing a blue collar with diamonte studs on it, i really miss him and want him back, i have checked the rspca lost and found and have the local "cat lady" (pardon the expression) on the prowl for him but i feel im not doing enough, he has to be out there somewhere, i last saw him 2 weeks ago on my back garden on the oval at firth park but by now he could be anywhere where else could i look? are there any lost and found pages that would be usefull? please help i really want to get him back home, myself and my kids miss him thank you for reading :help:
  10. hi, sorry i am a little confused on colour but i am in s5 although it is firth park and i have lost my kitty he is ginger with orangy eyes wearing a blue collar with studs on it, there is a pic of him in the lost/found section, if it could be him please let me know, thank you
  11. I couldn't agree more mikeyt the school is fab it was worth the wait to get my kids in there way better than there previous school
  12. 2 of my daughters started at beck school just after the 6 weeks hols but there was no places in foundation for my 4 yr old she only got a place last week luckily i didnt have to appeal
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