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  1. poor bloke....hope he's ok? i got hit by a lorry on that very same crossing 32 years ago,i'd just made a jelly in cookery and the last thing i remember was it skidding across barnsley road!! lets keep fingers x'd for him.
  2. We've lived in Kenya for 20 years now and not a day goes by without comment being made,these would be 'racist' comments if said in UK but I just take them with a pinch....we are visably different and if we want to live here [which at the moment we do] you just take it as part and parcel.One difficult thing is we are treated different by the authorities whom see us as a cash cow and rip us off at EVERY available opportunity....we have no option but to pay or get out!!! No foreigners are allowed to stay in Kenya without working and we have to pay 5000 uk pounds every Two years for that 'priviledge' But it's a great lifestyle and great for now....in these countries you have to take each day as it comes!!
  3. ooooh a tint of bitterness 'sheffgrow',you sound mighty unhappy...
  4. When I get a tinge of 'homesickness' I come on here and stare open mouthed in wonder at the scroungers comments and the halfwits defending them! Then am thankful I live in country where you rely on hard work and family to get by...
  5. I now live [for the past 19 years] in Kiambu ,Kenya,about 1/2 hour out of Nairobi on a coffee farm.So about 4700 miles from Sheffield.... I lived in Sheffield till I was 23 though...
  6. City of Cheap,Cheaper and Cheapest more like.Please don't mention the 'Full Monty' it was a long time ago.....surely it's not all Sheffields famous for!
  7. It's 19 years since I left Sheffield and I still love it tho I must admit I find it on a steady decline.I remember the city centre when it had great shops from the bottom of London road to the Whicker arches,full of people,there must have been 10 department stores and lots of quality ones as well,great cafes and places to eat[not those terrible chain eateries].Now most of it is closed down or full of cut-price pound shops, almost all the shop fronts are hideous eyesores,I don't think it's all Meadowhalls fault either,I hear those words on the 'forum' time and time again,Cheap ,Cheaper and Cheapest.If you go to a much smaller town like York it has beautiful shops,streets and public areas.The lovely parks we have are quite neglected [not all] and 'health and safety' madness rules.The graffiti seems to have gone these days so thats a plus.The best thing I find about Sheffield these days is its position and it still has some friendly people...
  8. I must say you lot really must be joking about Sheffield roads,I was there for the Christmas hol's and didn't even notice anything at all,I travelled around UK then and can honestly say they are no differentfrom anywhere else. Now if you want to see bad roads,drop by my house [Kiambu nr Nairobi] I'll show you potholes that can swallow your car,no joke ;-]
  9. Sorry to say BUT these lions would be better off put to sleep and if people want to donate money,donate it to charities that support lions in the wild or their environs.Lion cannot realistically be released into the wild after being in that sort of environment.It's just sentimental to spend that amount of money on these poor retched animals and cruel to keep them in captivity.
  10. I was at Castle college,How can it be like a real salon if everyone is training,how can you draw from experienced stylists with paying clients if there aren't any.my recollection of my college clients is old people wanting a cheap haircut,not very discerning at all. may be yours was a different experience I don't want a silly debate on this I'm offering MY opinion to blueblossom,she can make her own conclusions.
  11. I also went to college,the salon there does not compare to a real salon in MY opinion.My college education taught me relatively little compared to working in actual salons.also on a recruiting front we tended not to bother with 'college only' applicants,we found people who worked hard and were really interested in their job came from salon's.
  12. I'm a Hairdresser and have a salon in Nairobi.I know the sheffield Hairdressing scene very well and these posts seem to be full of self-advertising and back stabbing. Two very professional stylists I know of are Micheal at the Cutting Club and Clare Adams at Creator,both take there job seriously and have excellant experience. Do try to go a few times to a Stylist,they can't get to know you or your hair in 1 appointment,so many people have unrealistic expectations [i'm not sure it's just their hair they're unhappy with].
  13. I'd get a job in a salon and do part-time training and part-time work.Nothing works as well as 'on the job' training,don't let anyone tell you otherwise.Plenty of salons are short staffed these days and would be sure to accomodate you.
  14. how can hair straighteners be 'rare',I'm a hairdresser and get sick of all the b***s people get talked into.That's how the credit crunch happened...
  15. household bleach is Chlorine,if we run out of chlorine for the swimming pool,just use bleach,it's a more expensive option to use all the time,but for a kids pool it's fine,it is chlorine.
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