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  1. I've used Hush several times and always been very happy with the treatments/service, can't comment on whether the numbers you're looking for would be able to be accomodated but well worth a visit. Also Oulton Hall (Leeds) have a spa day offer on Groupon at the moment so that might be worth a look. I've never been so can't comment on the facilities or treatments
  2. I take the same view as Chip, several of my tenants have had a less than perfect credit score but they had been honest about the circumstances from the outset so it was no surprise to find something on a credit check. I do credit & reference check all y tenants but it is not the sole mechanism I use to make my decision. I use my own judgement and how I feel the tenant fits the property as most of my tenants are long term. If you can offer a home owning guarantor you are much better placed to overcome any credit check hiccups.
  3. I won't claim to understand the intricacies of all the legal wheretos, hereafters and wherefores of the matter but what I have read has convinced me to sign the petition as in my humble view it is morally wrong to use this treaty in this way. I wish Richard and his family the best of luck and sincerely hope that the Home Secretary develops a backbone and prevents this extradition (and that of Gary McKinnon)
  4. Try Amazon Trade In. You might not get as much as selling them, but can probably get rid of them all at once. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Trade-In/b?ie=UTF8&node=440443031
  5. We've used Hollinsend Fire without problem for several years. http://hollinsendfire.com/
  6. I'm in the process of renovating a stand alone garage/lock up with a view to letting out and am internally debating whether a garage door is better than a personnel door? So thought getting the view of the good folk of the Sheffield Forum might help me decide. Basically the garage is currently in a poor state of repair, among other issues it has no door at the moment. In my mind there are pros and cons either way, I thought a personnel door would provide greater security but then obvioulsy limits what you can get in there so perhaps a garage door is best. But then I don't have much cause to use a garage so my perception of what would be good may well be off what people would want. It's a small lock up/garage that I imagine you would get a car in for storage or something a tradesman may want to store materials etc so what would be best? The intention is to let it out afterwards, which leads me to my other question, whats the going rate for a small garage (no power or utilities)?
  7. Why not try the Youth Offending Service, they may have some young people they could refer to you?
  8. Best of luck with getting some witnesses, I'm sure you have but wonder if youve looked into CCTV and stuff like that? You seem to have done something by asking littleemz who they are as their posts have all been edited to delete the content after you posted your questions? Although guessing from their avatar they are a rider?
  9. It doesn't just go up for arrests though. It's been instrumental in finding missing children and vulnerable people. I guess those figures won't show up when you just ask for arrest rates.
  10. Hi All Have recently had a property valued by a Rics surveyor and he's stated that there was some sign of dry rot in the cellar. He said he couldn't see it on the timber joists but that there was sign of it on the masonry. I haven't had the bad luck to come accross dry rot before, is it treatable, if so who does this type of stuff? Any recommendation, suggestions as to what price I might be looking at? Is it treatable by me? Cheers
  11. Top job done by MET Gas Services (username Micky ET). Fitted a new boiler to replace an old floorstanding one in a rental for me. Good price, liaised with tenant to arrange the work and did a good job so I'm would recommend him. I will be using him again on other properties. Contact details below. Thanks MET Gas Services-Installation & breakdown specialist TEL:07592 418536 & 01142482170 Plumbing, central heating And Gas in Sheffield. GAS SAFE REGISTERED INSTALLER SHEFFIELD,Timeserved and fully insured GALLERY AT http://www.flickr.com/photos/metgas
  12. I would recommend MickyET, he came out and did a good job for me at a reasonable price (over a bank holiday weekend!). I was very pleased.
  13. I wasn't aware the council recommended builders, can you post a link to where we can find details on the Council's website?
  14. My leasehold is owned by Coppen Estates, I have written to them to try to start a dialogue with a view to our purchasing the freehold but they have never responded. I will at some point get my solicitor onto it but have no huge rush at the moment.
  15. I have posted a similar reply to a similar thread but thought what the hell I'll repeat myself. I have owned and rented out properties in the heart of Pitsmoor for the last 11 years and in that time none of the properties have been broken into, none of my tenants cars have been damaged. I have visited the area at a variety of days and times and never had a problem. I'm not saying that the area is without fault but what area is.
  16. Well thought I'd rejoin and see if you guys could help me out. When I started the Champix many moons ago I never actually quit the fags I ended up quitting the Champix (I know I know stupid eh). I have however got a stash of them left and am considering retrying. Last time I found my quit nurse so unsupportive and to be honest so holier than thou that I almost wanted to fail to spite her. She treated me like I was a waste of time and if I wasn't bothering her with quitting smoking (which she made clear was my own stupid fault, which I know it is but I don't think rubbing my nose in it while I was trying was helpful) she could be helping more deserving people. Anyway ramble over, I'm thinking about using my secret stash and starting to stop again. My idea was to take the pills for as long as they last and then going back to my Doctor and begging for more, bad idea or good idea? I just can't face going back to the quit nurse too have to sit and listen to her lecture. Failing this, has anyone got a room they can lock me in while I go cold turkey???
  17. I would have no problem in using a service like this providing of course the correct insurance/risk assessment type stuff had been done.
  18. Hi Everyone *stands up* my name's Musey & I'm a smoke-aholic Anyway I have just started Champix (am on day 4 now) I haven't noticed any changes in my desire to smoke and not being sick (yet........fingers crossed it stays that way). Will keep checking in. Cheers Musey
  19. Whilst folk are on the subject, does anyone have any pearls of wisdom for me? My house is leasehold with approx 115 years to run on the lease, ground rent is £22 per year and I have lived here for 7 years. I am interested (I think, depending on cost) in buying the freehold, for the last 2 years when I have paid the ground rent, by cheque (the only method the ground landlord accepts) I have also written to ask about purchasing the lease. I have tried to phone on numerous ocassions but the phone is never answered. They have never replied to my requests for us to initiate a dialogue on a possible sale of the lease. Any suggestions on how to proceed? What a reasonable purchase price for the lease may be? Thanks
  20. Ditto what dizzy_chick says I would also recommend that anyone having problems with a private landlord click on the following link and contact the Private Rented Standards team (Sheffield City Council) they can be very helpful. http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/?pgid=82486&fs=s
  21. Try Brian Carroll of Carroll Plant Hire 07973 915934. He's fully experienced and has plenty of before & after shots with lots of referenece from past customers. He's on the council list for carrying out footpath crossovers also. I've used him twice and been very happy with the work, once on a straight block paving job and once on a more involved project that needed drains moving, a substantial dig out, a footpath crossover and total remodel of existing garden. He is pretty busy so book in advance. I found him helpful in making suggestions in the planning stage of the involved job.
  22. I agree with James Lucas roofing, he has done 1 or 2 jobs for me. I have always been pleased with the work done.
  23. I have used Andrew Russel & Associates in the past and was very happy with the service received
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