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  1. I guess its the fear of the unknown you hear about so many dog attacks on children that to parents(me) its a little scary especially if you see a big dog who is playing off the lead--i have a 4 year old who would cuddle a dog to death regardless if it was barking at him lol. But i have taught him not to approach dogs unless he asks. I can see both sides but i am for dogs being off leads as long as they are controlled when children are around you know kids sometimes unpredictable-only takes one little mistake.
  2. wow really?? i dont know not heard that one? im sure it would bring a lot of attention!!
  3. Hi I would like to recommend a plumber that has just been round to fix our leaking overflow his name is steven and his company is 247Plumbing&Drains, (07542504067) he came round within the hour and was very quick at sorting the problem and was very reasonably priced too would definitely recommend him to anyone, he is coming to replace my shower next week.
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