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  1. What i found a bit bewildering was when asked why the land shouldnt be left alone the spokesman for recycoal responded by saying that due to health and safety reasons something has got to be done with the land, be it the recovery of the coal on there or something else, but then further into the meeting they made a comment about certain chemicals that are in the ground, such as benzamine and arsnic to name a few and that these chemicals would not be removed and the ground that they are contaminating would be capped WHEN located. So if something has got to be done due to health and safety reasons, WHY ARE THEY NOT GOING TO REMOVE THESE CONTAMINATES? Worrying
  2. May be worth a mension at tomorrows meeting........................
  3. I e-mailed our local mp Angela Smith yesterday and asked as to why local people are not being contacted and kept informed about meetings such as the one in May and also the one on the 19th July. Take into account that i contacted recycoal and sheffield city council at the beginning of the week and asked the same questions. I then miraculousley had a letter pushed through my letterbox yesterday morning at 8am. I still haven't had my question answered. Here's the response i got from Angela Smith MP' s office:- While I work for Angela I am also one of the local councillors for the area. Your local Councillors were also concerned that the consultation with locals in your area was not satisfactory (something I raised with the company and Planners) and that there where a number of people who might not be aware of this planning application that is why we asked the assembly to arrange another public meeting with residents on that estate. As Councillors we have delivered a letter to every house on the estate asking for views. We would like people to attend the meeting on 19th July. While it would be useful to have Reponses back for the meeting if they are received too late or if people can’t attend we will make sure everybody gets a response to their questions. The reason we wanted to organise a meeting as soon as possible is that we were aware that people where getting concerned and rumours where circulating. We also want to make sure everyone is aware of the plans before it goes to a planning board in the Autumn. To leave it any longer would have started impacting the holiday period and to have a meeting after the summer would we believe been too late. At the meeting should be representatives of the owner and developer of the site and planning officers from SCC. Your 3 local councillors will also be present. The concerns you have raised are valid and have already been raised with both planners and the applicants (owners) of the site by myself and other local councillors. I have to stress this is a planning application and will go through the usual planning process with the final decision being made by a planning board. Sheffield City council are not the owners of the land and are not promoting the proposals. However, they are the planning authority with a duty to assess the planning application. Plans for this land have been around for a number of years (first mooted, I believe in 2009), however, these latest plans did not surface until late April, I believe. I am also informed that in the long term something has to be done with the land. I am sure you are aware the slag heap was used for many years both for the old colliery and then the coking plant and a large amount of coal and slag has been left there and I am told at some point it will have to be removed. However, I am concerned that any proposals should not be to the detriment of residents in the area. The actual planning application can be found here http://publicaccess.sheffield.gov.uk/online-applications/caseDetails.do?keyVal=M6DTU5NYFY000&caseType=Application, please take a look at the proposals. I would encourage both you and anyone else who may have concerns to lodge them with the planning department of Sheffield Council the reference is 12/01946/FUL. You can either email them (planningdc.north@sheffield.gov.uk), quoting the application reference or write to Development Services, Howden House, 1 Union Street, Sheffield S1 2SH, again quoting the reference. At the present time I do not know the time scale for the application to go to a board, and as yet I don’t believe comments are being accepted as it is still being assessed by planning officer. I believe you should also be a statutory consultee on this application. Also I am not aware, as yet what the officers recommendation will be to members for the application. My understanding of the proposal is that the company will remove the remaining coal in the land over a I believe a 4 year period starting at one side of the site and moving across. The washing plant, again part of the application will situated by the motorway. The land will kept wet to keep dust down and no traffic will be allowed to use Chapeltown. This is something I personally are concerned about. I also believe residents of Cowley need to be fully involved in the process if permission is granted. Noise will also have to kept to a minimum and monitored and work will only be allowed during the normal working hours. As the coal is removed the land will be re-modelled and a country park created with new tree planting and paths installed. The land will then be opened up to the public(at the moment it is private property with no official access) I look forward to meeting you on the 19th if you can make it, if not please do register your concerns. Best Wishes Steven Wilson_____________ Senior Parliamentary Assistant to Angela Smith MP Member of Parliament for Penistone & Stocksbridge t: 0207 219 3564 (Westminster) t: 0114 283 1855(Constituency office) m: 0790 452 1970 e: wilsonst@parliament.uk w: angelasmith-mp.org.uk Constituency MP of the year 2011/12
  4. Many thanks to Chapowlo for such an informative response. You have raised an issue such as car parking, which to be honest, i never gave a thought. I do live on woodburn drive and have a growing concern as to wether or not all the residents in the area have been made aware of what is being planned. After calling both Recycoal and Sheffield City Council it is amazing how a letter has been pushed through mine and adjoining neighbours letter boxes at 8 am this morning. Apparently, Sheffield City Council had 250 letters to deliver on the estate but deliveries stopped due to the adverse weather we have been having. Oh and there are more like 350 to 400 properties on the Cowley. Now in this letter there is a questionaire that you are invited to complete and return so that recycoal will be able to answer any questions (more like be prepared) not forgetting that it is the 12 July today and the meeting is on the 19 July at 6.30pm. The tree line that they WILL have to take down acts as a barrier, blocking the noise from the M1, which means even after they have completed works, there will still be noise polution from the M1. And regarding the 41000 trees they are planning to replant, how many years will they take to re-establish? NOT IN MY LIFE TIME.
  5. Has anyone in the immediate vacinity of Hesley Wood had any contact by post from either Recycoal or the Northern Community Council (Sheffield City Council) regarding meetings or exhibitions? I am a resident of the Cowley estate and have only found out this week by word of mouth of Recycoals plans. Apparently there was an exhibition by Recycoal back in May informing residents of there intentions and apparently there is another meeting on the 19 July, not sure where yet. I have called recycoal and asked the question as to why i or neighbours have not been informed via post to which the response was that it is the Northern Community councils responsibility. Called Northern Community and asked same question to be told it is Recycoals responsibilty. However, apparently the Cowley estae has been leafleted about future meetings. I haven't recieved any information what so ever. Has anyone? Seems a little underhanded to me.
  6. My parrot escaped yesterday in the hollywell heights area of Sheffield The parrot is blue, green and yellow and answers to the name of Billy. If any one has seen him i would be very greatful if you could contact me on 07888848571. Many thanks in advance.
  7. Why is that in Scotland there are procedures in place to stop Gazumping and Gazundering, but not in England. I'ld never heard of this up until this week, when we became victims of Gazundering. We had a family going by the name of <removed> begging us not to sell to anyone else but them. We agreed a price and the ball started rolling. We got to the point of the completion, when they decided to pull out of the sale. I phoned and asked them why, only to be told that they wanted £10,000 knocking off the agreed sale price, obviously i said no, which has now affected the chain above us. This really needs sorting out in England. It sounds like it's getting to be common practice. Same happened to my mate earlier this year, but not for as much money. Any one else had this problem?
  8. Does any of you local residants have any noise issues with Thorncliffe industrial?
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