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  1. hi there give paul a ring at property standards on 01142497855 or07774064260
  2. hi there i am facepainter and henna artist please ring me on 07861346307 em
  3. no i know that most of them is privately owned, as i used to know one of the owners 6 years ago bt thats when he sold up and since then has exchanged hands a few times
  4. hi to all i am looking to find out who it is that owns the shops on herdings, as there are quiet a few empty and wouldnt mind geting in touch with who owns them, any ideas or contacts please let me know
  5. thank you so much every one, and i can now say that we have a fantastic little bunny, that seems to be fitting into his new surroundings really well. thank you so much to every one
  6. lived up here on arbourthorne near east bank road and i should say that you should be fine ,but its true about the shops later on in the day so i would avoid that but we hav never really had any problems up here
  7. Location: S2 Condition of wanted item: N/A Further details hi there we are looking for a pet rabbit, as our rabbit has just passed away and is extremely missed. we have all the set up for the rabbit in a two tear hutch with outside run and over time the full run of the garden. if anybody is getting rid of any rabbits please pm me Interested? Questions? To contact this user, click on their user name to access the Email or Private Message forms.
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