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  1. ey up richard dawkins is here dont worry tho, i love richard dawkins
  2. The possibility of the cat bringing them in has crossed my mind. Shes a big hunter. Birds, mice, anything she can. She doesnt just kill them either, she eats them, whole But yes it is a possibility shes bringing them in. I guess I will have to keep an eye on the situation, look out for droppings / more evidence and see what happens. The reason im trying to deal with it is my gf. I work night shifts and its the most annoying thing in the world getting a call at midnight of her screaming like a baby because the cat has a dead mouse. Anyone know if those electronic repellent things work?
  3. I think there is a very good chance that we have got mice in our house. We cannot find many signs like loads of droppings / sightings / sounds etc... But I have found what COULD be some droppings. The main give away is our cat.... In the past 2 days she has walked into the bedroom with a mouse, dead in her mouth. And then this morning I came into living room, had a look around and saw a big dead mouse in the corner of the room which she must have killed in the night. I quickly brought it to her attention and she grabbed it and ran outside. Now, if we do have a problem its a recent one and i want to put a stop to it before it gets out of hand. We live close to some woods, and the house is pretty big so I cant literally block every possible entrance into the house, it would be impossible. The cat is doing what she can, but I want to do more. Anyone got any advise / tips?
  4. Just so you know I have never fished before but I want to learn. I have done some searching on google but have not come across the type of starters guide I am looking for. The sort of information I need is, what I need to get started, good places to fish around Sheffield / Rotherham, good local places to get supplies, maybe links to information sites. Like I said tho, i am a complete beginner. Any advise would be welcome. The closest place to me where I believe people fish is ulley country park. Anyone fish here?
  5. I want to buy a static caravan to live in. I am just looking for like a caravan park or something similar in Sheffield. Anyone got any information that might be relevant?
  6. I just drove past the old driving test centre on Richmond Park Road at handsworth. It seems they are flattening it all ready for something else to be built. Anyone got any facts about this? Ive heard it is going to be a supermarket like ALDI or LIDL, or a pub / resteraunt. I have heard alsorts. Please help!
  7. Pejis used to be alright, not tried them in ages. As for handsworth... go for bella pizza near the bowling alley. Their kebabs are amazingly nice but lack a decent portion size of chips. And the chips are always soggy.
  8. I have looked into it, i am sure theres some bullet proof like cases you can get but would cost a fortune and still the risk of damage. Ive come off the bike before, luckily i didnt have anything valuable on me, and just mashed myself up.
  9. I doubt my father in law would be happy to push up his insurance premiums and make a claim because I fell off my motorbike. The only option would be to take out my own household insurance for this house if that would be possible? The laptop is over 2 years old but no where near 3 years old. It cost me a grand when i got it, and is required for work. Hence the need for cover, not just backing up data.
  10. I ride a motorbike to work and have to carry a laptop in my rucksack. My motorcycle insurance policy is third party fire and theft as im a learner rider i only could afford this type of insurance. Where can I get laptop insurance? Or personal property insurance :S I have been on protectmybubble.com and thought I had found the perfect place to get insurance, then i read the terms and conditions! They will only insure your laptop if its less than 6 months old and lots of other terms and stupid conditions that basically make the cover worthless! I am in desperate need of alternatives here My motorcycle insurance is not up for renewal til the back end of the year so i cant look at options within that. I need some stand alone insurance.
  11. In defence of the original poster.... The highway code (which applies to police officers too) is pretty clear what to do at a pelican crossing if somebody has not crossed when the light has turned to green. You sit back be patient and wait for them to cross safely, and this is exactly what the police officer should have done.
  12. They look so sexy on the website. PLEASE bring one of these places to Sheffield lol. Or at least provide next day delivery nation wide on boxes of donuts using royal mail special delivery. It would be pricey but judging by how tasty these donuts look... yum it would be worth it lol.
  13. As a bike rider I almost got took out by what passes for a police panda car these days. I was going around the asda rounderbout at handsworth on my way home from work at about half 6 in the morning, then suddenly a cop car came straight down the slip road to what is a give way junction, didnt look and went straight out without sirons or lights... they then braked sharply to avoid hitting me. By the time they stopped I was about 5 metres away from them.
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