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  1. my dad ( Bill hayes ) worked at bentley bros from 1952 as an apprentice mechanic. My uncle (brian thompson ) also worked there at the same time.
  2. I was at brook left in 77. I remember all those teachers mentioned. I was talking to chris hobson a couple of years ago. He was from my year and now works at dore garage where he said he still serviced mr stokes car. This was a couple of years ago now so i dont know if hes still with us but must have been a good age a couple of years ago. A few names from my year, john eastwood, colin turton, simon thacker, dennis hobson, paul hinchcliffe, bob butterworth, lynne night, tina oakley, glynnis shaw.
  3. hi all. I went to handsworth infants / athelstan and brook. left in 77. used to hang around with paul hinchliffe, paul bettsworth, bob butterworth,. names i remember are mark howarth, john eastwood, simon thacker, stewart pool, lynne knight[ she has the cafe on worthing rd now ] tina oakly, glynis shaw, lorraine bean, joy marriot, karen stone, bill thompson, dennis hobson, just to name a few. a couple of years ago i was talking to chris hobson who works at dore garage, and he said mr stokes still takes his car there for repairs. he must be getting on now but still kicking. Bill hayes.
  4. I rember going there in early 70s, think it was top rank then though. Under 18s on a tuseday night and saturday mornings. Best days of our lifes then. I rember there were loads of us all used to catch the same bus [ 52 crooks ] there were a load from woodhouse and from all over handsworth. Dress code then for the lads was platform boots with your name in glitter down the side of the boots, bell bottom trousers, cheescloth shirts and crombies with a red hanky in the top pocket. A few names i remember are bob butterworth, martin stones [ peb ] sean bean, and many others whos names escape me at the moment, not forgetting all the lovely girls that used to go with us and all those we used to meet there every week. We never had any trouble it was always good fun. The music we used to dance to were the likes of sweet [ ballroom blitz ] love on a mountain top ect. Those were the days. HAPPY, HAPPY MEMORIES, BILLY BOY.
  5. hi nanny p,sorry i didnt get back sooner,its bill from the old yard.it was good to hear about some old friends fom grimesthorpe. the old place has ghanged so much , I was up there last week just to reminiss so much is so differant.remember when we all ust to meet in pams house on sunday nights to watch tele, everyone piled in, good times gone.Iremember when I got demobed every one had gone married.so I went back and went to Singapore 9 years altogether, finished a corpral wish the grimesthorpe years would come back but alas it nver does they were really good times ill never forget.Ill finish now.so goodnight god bless,hope to hear from soon nanny P Bill.
  6. probably not, but where do you think council bonuses and golden handshakes come from. my gf used to go to anns rd as did her dad and uncle. she still has family living in heely, so we pass quite often and would love to see the building reused. lets hope it dosent turn into another mosk or finishes up like the old picture house where legend has it that as planning permission couldnt be gained for the developers ideas it mysteriously burned to the ground and hey presto, build what you want.
  7. hi nanny P its great to hear from you again,it takes me back to the good days we all shared together, Im so pleased you keep in touch with all the old friends I was married and lived at handsworth, but sadly it ended in 1978. I now live on my own at stocksbridge.but not to worry.I would love to see some of the old friends again.I remember all those you mentioned do you rember shielar Scott opposit Jean Bownes and Pauline Elliott also. well ill say bye for now hope to hear from you soon god bless Bill hayes
  8. hi granny p; yes mum was irish but sadly she died in 1964 i was sorry to hear about vic i told my son about you. they were good times and often talk about them. it would be nice to see some old faces again ken parnell terry and mick barstow pam. but I will always remember pat boulby as you were then would be good to hear from you again. Bill hayes.
  9. hi all. my dad grew up on grimesthorpe road. he is bill hayes, does anyone remember him. his brother is tom and they have two sisters, frances and elizabeth. my dad left there in 1960 when he married my mother and moved to handsworth. my grandad and aunty frances lived there until the mid seventies when the old houses on grimesthorpe were compulsory purchased and pulled down. my dad remembers a few names mentioned on this thread. he also remembers a girl called pamella hinchcliffe, does anyone know what happend to her and one of his childhood freinds, vic toyne. i can remember my grandad takeing me to the corner shop at the top of bothem street at the junction with grimesthorpe rd
  10. pot holes in the summer. last winter the excuse was lack of road salt. this year thousands of tons of road salt still stock piled while we all struggle, so whats the excuse this year ? i realy dont see the point in paying road tax anymore when we all have to struggle like we are at the moment and all the road fund money is given away by the government as foreign aid.
  11. andy gardener has just summed up this whole debate in 4 easy and well said sentences. i agree with him 100%. can i just add that hitler was a mentaloid, i think we will all agree on that, but right at the beginning he had a great plan and he made it work. he got rid of all the interfereing powers such as france ect and took all the land back that had been stolen from germany, raised the german economy and gave everybody employment and it worked. much the same is needed here, now.
  12. the reason 70% of jobs were filled with foeigners is they are willing to work for less money than the english /irish / scottish and welsh who infact are the true british people. if you want to come to britain and work, then at least ask for the same wage. the reason eu migrants can afford to work here for less is that its still more of a wage than back home, plus being from the eu can also claim family tax credits and child allowance even though their family is still back home. the cost of living in britain is so high against other eu countrys that the british working person can not afford to work for such low wages / live here / support a family and survive. if you want to make a claim to inheritance in this country, you must be able to trace your bloodline back only as far as you grandparents in relation to the diceased by law. so why should all these imigrants be able to come here and say they are british when clearly they are not. keep britain for the true british ENGLISH, SCOTTISH,IRISH and WELSH. fly the union jack with pride and let the revolution begin
  13. well ive read this thread from start to finish and its took me the good part of 2 hours. ive laughed my head off and cried tears of sadness and found it all very very interesting and eductional. i remember nora and a few others aswell. like the chap who used to ride a honda 50 into the hole in the road and get a box of weetabix out of the top box pour on his milk and sit there to eat it, then put it all away again and go park his bike up somewhere then go back to the hole in the road to sit and watch the world go by. im glad that porshe and fiat 500 found each other, but at the same time feel sad, because my mother has told me that we are related to big ada, but because of the stigma attached my grandma wouldnt say anymore than that. shes now sadly gone so i suppose ill never know. the pond street nora crowed will always be fondley rememberd by me and werent half as frightening as the idiots on the streets now " muggers, junkies and worst still the pc brigade ".
  14. i was there 74 to 78. happy days. i believe mr stokes is still alive. must be well into his ninetys by now.
  15. the norfolk arms has changed just a little bit. its now a toddlers nursery. i remember going there as a kid to get a rabbit from my friend robert collins whos dad was the landlord there in the early 70s. im 49 now and remember handsworth as one big playground.
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