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  1. Thanks for all the replies everyone. I can see just how obscene my bills are compared to people paying just £200 per quarter - this is only a small apartment with 2 users who are out more than in! The boiler use seems to be a lose/lose situation for me - the handbook tells me to keep the boiler on for greater efficiency, others tell me to switch it off and only turn it on when it is needed. One quarter I followed the advice in the handbook (£760 bill) and another I followed the advice of other people (£650 bill)! Not sure if this suggests that it is something else costing a fortune, or if it just shows that the boiler is incredibly expensive eitherway? Is there any chance that something is just fundamentally wired up wrong, or that the meter is broken?
  2. Thanks for your response. It sounds like you are in a similar situation to me; my apartment has electric wall heaters, electric boiler, cooker etc. but both myself and my flatmate are out all day every day, and very rarely even switch the heaters on at the wall. Like you said, I simply do not have the money to pay the bill, and anticipate nPower won't be very forthcoming with any explanation or advice. Does anyone have any recommendation as to how myself and others should tackle this scenario - where we are being billed for what seems like a disproportionate amount to our usage - is it possible to demand the meter is checked for faults, or to demand the wiring etc. is checked? Again, thanks in advance for any replies/advice. Peace.
  3. Hello, I'm sure there are several threads about electricity/bills etc, but I thought a specific thread for West One residents would be useful due to the high number of people living there, all with the same boiler/heaters/appliances as standard. The reason for my post is because my bills from nPower seem to be obscene! I would love to know how they compare to other residents, and would really really love to know what I can do about it! October 09 - December 09: £650 January 10 - March 10: £760 I'm living in a 2 bedroom apartment in West One, myself and my friend, both students, both careful with electricity usage! Could everyone living in West One (or similar) post their typical usage, quarterly bill price, and any other relevant information, and share advice on how to reduce bills, and ensure all appliances are set up for most economic use etc? Massive thanks to any help and advice in advance. Peace.
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