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  1. £129 is a joke!! The entire setup for separating LCD screens is £150 to buy, in the kit you get the clamps, heatplate, cleaning chemicals, bonding adhesive and cutting wire to do the job. The labour involved is about an hour tops. Yes this will void the warranty, but apple don't cover broken screens/digitizers in their warranty and will charge double what you've already been quoted.
  2. Hi mate, is it just the outer glass digitizer or the actual LCD screen you need replacing? The digitizer is pretty straight forward with the right tools and should only take about 10-15 mins if you have the digitizer already. When ordering the digitizer just be careful where you order it from as some of the cheap ones on eBay you'll find won't work when fitted (found this out when doing an iPad 3) And yes as people have said above, best method is to heat the outer glass with a heatgun or even better a rework wand (more control over the temp so you don't melt/deform anything underneath) and prize off using a small scraper tool.
  3. Reboot the router and try again, I get the same issue with our Virgin router occasionally, it allows my iphone to connect but will not let the laptop for some reason. Failing that, if you know how to access the router setup/configuration, change the Wifi channel from auto to say channel 7 or whichever.
  4. Again 2 offroad bikes were seen round our estate and also down near Parson Cross. Not much chance of catching em, I can only hope... Just to add to this, there was also a white vauxhall van following them - one of the small hatchback(?) vans with alloys and tinted widows. (similar to this http://www.dyfiyardrepairs.co.uk/CarImages/Picture%20468.jpg Went flying down our road after them, then stopped for a chat with the guy on the orange crosser. Obviously must know them? Didn't get the number plate as they were 2 far away... ---------- Post added 04-08-2013 at 16:54 ---------- Just to add to this... Anyone down in Parson Cross/Fox Hill area keep your eyes peeled and if sighted contact the police ASAP. 2 offroad bikes - one white, one orange (and very loud) no number plates and no helmets have been spotted along with several mopeds down near Fox Hill only this afternoon.
  5. Please if anyone else sees these w***ers out just ring the coppers (as useless as they are) That KTM has been round here as well, probably the same bunch of arseholes that took my DT
  6. Ok, my apologies for that. As you say i must've hit preview instead of post. Could you split the topics again please since one is over 6 months old now? ---------- Post added 03-08-2013 at 17:29 ---------- Actually... I know I'm not going mad... http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/archive/index.php/t-1193887.html Link doesn't work/page doesn't exist?
  7. This is a different motorbike we're talking about not a KTM... Its a Yamaha DT125R thats been stolen... And to add the first topic was started 10th of January! First topic clearly says Orange KTM Second topic is about a Black Yamaha DT125R
  8. Due to my previous post about this being deleted (thanks) I'm posting up again. My Yamaha DT125R was stolen from Bellhouse Road about 3 weeks ago. I've seen the bike being ridden up and down our road, Sicey Avenue, Oaks Fold Avenue, Gregg House Crescent, and at around 3am this morning it was out down near Wooley Wood. Bike has been sprayed white/panels changed and has been up and down the estate almost everyday since the start of school term holidays. Surely someone must have heard it this morning? Still has Renthal bars & grips, DEP exhaust & a few other bits that made me 100% sure it's mine. http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/8833/dsc00469ng.jpg Bike disappeared down onto Oaks Fold Avenue when again this afternoon at around 2pm it flew back up Bellhouse Road with another offroad bike following it (black bike, really loud exhaust) and a group of mopeds. Anyone who sees it or hears it around the estate tonight PLEASE contact me - 07443833287 Reg number (gone by now) PL03 EWC
  9. Back in December me my bro and his mate went up into Thorncliffe woods but it was pretty big. I know it leads down onto Hesley woods as they're all linked together. I knew the scumbag would be local, just a case of catching him out on it.
  10. Yep... insurance were one of the very first few words from their mouth. Besides that, we both spent hours working on that bike and were planning on going to Fat Cats motox track in doncaster this year.
  11. Hello all, just wondering if anyone can help regarding my brother's stolen KTM 400 exc... My bro had his KTM 400 exc stolen from outside his workplace in Tankersley on the 9th November. Since then we've seen it being ridden around High Green, Chapletown and today I've seen it at the bottom of Bellhouse Road near the woods. Description of bike: - Bright orange KTM Has a VERY loud offroad exhaust (akrapovic) and is very distinct - so loud it can be heard indoors very easily Both wheels are Excel talon rims with gold hubs Frame is painted gloss black Did have 'BadBoy' & 'Red Bull' decal kit but has mostly been removed since I last saw it (as seen today) - these decals are quite tricky to get off once stuck Has carbon fiber frame guards near the footpegs Once again, VERY loud exhaust and can be heard for miles My brother is offering a £500 reward to any good info or location of it. http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/4580/ktmsmall.jpg Picture has been uploaded - also a link to another forum where the same topic has been started - http://www.bikechatforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=259118 Contact number 07873511414
  12. I don't know about you lot, but to be honest I think Sheffield Council are a joke! I've lived in Shiregreen for 3 years now, in that time I have seen only ONE ROAD being resurfaced - that was Ecclesfield Common in front of the Morrissons. That road is 100% fine now, no gripes. But how about Green Lane which is probably THE WORST road I have ever rode over (motorcycle owner) In the 3 years I have lived here, I must have reported that road 10-15 times WITH PICTURES of the disgraceful road surface. About 12 months ago, my partner was on her way to a job interview. She rides a 50cc moped as it's cheap & quicker than public transport. She ended up in hospital with torn ligaments and bruising after being thrown off the bike just before where the Stagecoach depot is. After reporting the road AGAIN to the council (with pictures of the hole & damage to the bike) and showing my utter disgust in the way they were addressing the problem, I recieved a letter a few days later stating "We are investigating the matter..." This was almost 12 months to the date - I still have not recieved ANY reply to my letters, nor has ANY attempt been made to fill the holes in. Furthermore, around 5-6 weeks ago I was woken up at just after 8am (day off) by the sound of petrol stone-cutters and a Bobcat JCB right outside my property digging up the pavement for supposed 'grass verges & flower displays'. 90% of the work has been finished and it does look a damn site better than before. Only problem is, the hole they dug outside my house STILL HAS NOT been filled in. After a few weeks of heavy rain and people driving over it to park, it has turned into a 20-inch deep mudpit which is now causing damage to anyone unlucky enough to drive into it. I came home from work one night, it was absolutley pounding it down & visibility through a bike visor is pretty rubbish. I went onto the curb to pull my bike onto our driveway and ended up being thrown face down on the pavement with my motorcycle stuck in the muddy hole. Luckily I wasn't hurt, but after inspecting the damage to my bike the next day I could feel my wallet starting to cringe. A quick trip to Shiregreen Service Station for a once-over revealed the extent of the damage - bearing in mind I have JUST MOT'd my bike in September... 2 x broken rear suspension dampers (£72.80 inc VAT) Swingarm linkage & bearings destroyed (£59.50 inc VAT) Exhaust completely snapped off the engine mount (£269.99 inc VAT) Front right fork leg damper & seal completely bust (£44.39 inc VAT) Broken front brake lever (£19.50 inc VAT) All in all - around £500 of damage done, plus the day off work I had to get the damage assessed. Final cherry on the cake.... Sheffield Council have sent me a letter saying they aren't liable for the damage!!! WHO THE HELL IS LIABLE THEN? I didn't decide one day I would drive into the hole and jump face-first onto the pavement! DUSGUSTING, DISGRACEFUL, NEGLECTING, MONEY-GRABBING, COWBOYS... Just a few words that spring to mind...
  13. And the point of these being? Shouldn't AIM already be encrypted?
  14. Star trek on the Xbox, WWII Fighters on the PC (1998) Still play it now
  15. Argueing then just jumped off? As you do like...
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