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    i play the drums, i like to write lyrics, goin out with friends, going to and playing gigs.
  1. I'm a new writer so naturally, I'm looking for any and all advice I can as I start up this new and exciting chapter in my life (pun intended) so if anyone has any unusual advice or maybe something I may not have thought of then I welcome anything you have to tell me! Thank you!
  2. Hey I'm Hannah, I'm 25, have experience both in gigging and recording. Looking to start a band or join one, looking for alternative rock/ pop punk, but open to other idea's too. Get in touch if you're serious about starting something. Cheers
  3. hey drummer here, female 25, Sheffield based, you still looking?
  4. hey drummer here, you still looking for musicians?
  5. Hey I'm Hannah, 25, had experience playing in mostly indie bands and punk bands but not looking for a specific genre, just something that captures my imagination so whether your an established band looking for a drummer or just a musician looking to start something drop me a message. either on here or email me at hannerglossop@gmail.com or find me on facebook under the name Hannah Rose Glossop. thanks.
  6. Hey I'm Hannah, im 23 and im looking for a new project, if anyone's lookig for a drummer for any kind of project hit me up and we can talk about it.
  7. I've always enjoyed writing and I want to start taking it seriously, any advice for a new starter?
  8. hey, are you still looking for a drummer?
  9. Hey looking for a band or musicians that are up for starting something. I'm Hannah im 23 looking for people of a similar age, have been out of the loop for a few months and desperate to get back to gigging. If you have something interesting give me a shout and we can jam it out!
  10. Whether you're already a band or just a guitarist or something looking for a jam please get in touch, really eager to get back into music, it's been too long. Influences; blink, paramore, green day, reel big fish, Meg and dia Looking for people between the ages of 20 and 30
  11. this open mic night is it just for people showcasing their talent or is it also for musicians looking for other musicians?
  12. hello, my name is Hannah, i am 22 years old and i am a drummer, i am looking for a job in music, ether playing the drums or working in a studio (from the bottom of course! i make a great cuppa haha) or at a music venue, if anyone knows of any available jobs please give me a bell, thanks
  13. the name is Hannah, 22 years old, been playing the drums for around 5 years-ish, i have experience with gigging around yorkshire some recording experience also. i can play to a metronome and i'm open to different styles of music. i want to join/ form a band, only message me back if you're a serious musican looking to do this properly, no time wasters please
  14. hey i'm Hannah, i'm 21 and ive been playing drums for about 6 years now, been in a few bands and gigged locally around sheffield, i also have a little recording experience. i'm looking to join a band or find some like minded musicians to start one with. i want to do this seriously, so not just looking for a jam session. i'm into lots of different types of music, but looking to join a band more of the blink, green day kind of persuasion. not saying i want to be like them exactly, i want to find an individual sound, just of that sort of genre. if you're between the ages of 20 and 26 PM me on here or send an email to hannerglossop@hotmail.co.uk and we can talk more about the sort of thing we're looking for, thanks
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