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  1. Thnx for your time - I appreciate it. Have deleted temp files as you suggested. Yes, I have AVG free edition anti virus. Have checked the phone line setup - there is filter on both phone line and extension line to computer and they are plugged in to correct places.
  2. ooops . shud read I on windows 98 (I know - sad innit? but I like it) live S.8 unfortunately
  3. If I go on the Orange icon the dial up connex comes up and I press connect. Nothing seems to happen (no dial up noise at all) then I get the Orange home page. If I access 'favourites' and press say 'Google' or 'L.T.S.' in no time at all I am connected (so think must be online and on broadband and working etc) However, if click on Sheff Forum it takes ages and then disappears and goes back to Orange Page. Likewise if I try to access MSN icon at bottom of screen it comes up with the homepage and then takes ages and then disappears or freezes. I know I got a lot of junk on my computer (windows 98) but I not a techie - just an ole biddy who loves browsing, searching etc etc. Should I be wiping sumfin off - eg the old Anytime connection - but then mayb e I couldnt go on internet at all then. Oh dear!
  4. Was with Freeserve/Wanadoo/Orange for four years - no probs. until they said they were closing Anytime down and for the same money I could have free Broadband. The set up package arrived and I downloaded the stuff from disk and connected my speedtouch box and two filters. First I got 1 constant light and 1 flashing ADSL light. After a few days got two constant lights. I cant be on broadband yet cos I cant receive phonecalls at same time. You cant e.mail Orange cos they want you to 'speak one to one' on a helpline which costs 50p per min and may last an hour. Tried for a few minutes and realised guy from India was going thru a list. I am desperate b.cos I was quite happy with Anytime and as I am a pensioner I cant afford to go on the expensive helplines. Went on an 0870 helpline and guy called Thomas advised me to swap the filters over and he wud send me nu filter. Arrived day after. Made no difference. Rang same 0870 number today - got Rachel!!! she said it was my own fault for signing up to something that I cudnt afford. I said 'well I didnt want to - but it said it was the same price for better service. I can afford that price cos it hasnt changed." Rachel said very nastily "Well you shouldnt have signed up if you cant afford to pay the 50 p per minute helpline charges" Really feel cheated and quite upset. Really worried about this and losing sleep. What shud have been a doddle turned out to be a nightmare,. What do you advise. I have apparently accepted the terms and conditions when I installed the disk. That was 24/10/07. Is there a 'cooling off' period. Tried my connection earlier and connected to i/net. Tried Google and it loaded quickly and I got dial tone on my phone. BUT cudnt access my MSN messages or get Sheff Forum. Oh dear wot a muddle. Am obviously still connected (and paying for) Orange Anytime so can use internet - but am not always on Broadband 2mg . Sorry this is a marathon - just a stream of conscious (worried) thought. Please help.
  5. Nope.... live in wonderful Woodseats. Cant put something heavy on top of manhole cover 'cos if we did the water has to go somewhere and it would come up thru the bath plug, sink plug and toilet. uuuggggghhh
  6. Thanks for that Baz. ... Is that a snorkel on your photo? Glad to hear there is water in the reservoir..... it means I dont have to save the water from my lounge to water the rhubarb. Strix. This month, next month, sometime....never????? Y.W. will instal a holding tank. but I'll believe it when I see it. Neighbours dont want to know... in case it affects the value of their property. (I can understand that really) Some just get flooded gardens, garages, basements.... but we get ingress of water into house.
  7. Thanks for concern Have located where bulk of water comes from and Sheffield Council have been FANTASTIC They have done absolutely all they can for us. Trouble is that when the rainfall is so heavy all the road gulleys, drains etc are so full the water backs up thru the manholes bringing the filthy sewage with it. Y.W. have agreed to put in a huge holding tank and this should alleviate problem so that once it stops raining and the drains empty then the holding tank should be able to drain into main drain no prob. But they were supposed to do it in Nov. then again in May and its still not done. Heard so much guff and bumph from Y.Water about what they 'gonnado' am sick of it all. But that's about it..... Sheff. City Council clear drains out regularly, but when they's full they sure is full.... and as I live about the lowest point ... I get the lot! Wish I knew how to take it further legally.... but I've tried so hard... ten years is a long time... Just havin a moan helps tho.... cheers
  8. Last Sunday my house was flooded for the 9th time in 10 years. Does anyone else have this problem? Tried my best to contact MP's, council, Yorkshire Water, Ofwat....you name it... I written, e.mailed and sent photos of damage. I live on a nice, flat, leafy road... not near a river ...but in heavy rain the road floods, the drains fill up, and then whoops, it comes up through the manholes, lifting the covers off and gushing over and under damp proof courses, tanking, sump pumps etc. Water company admit that the drains are too small a diametre to take any excess water, but they still keep building houses, flats etc. The flood water is full of raw sewage and as you can imagine it stinks to high heaven. Its happened so many times that our insurance company wont insure us any more .... but we still have to live there! Help please.... or at least some chatty messages ... at my wits end. Not very nice living in the 'house at Poo corner' its wet, it smells and we got to try to salvage a stained and stinky carpet.
  9. As a memorial to ex.headmaster Frank Dobson, who sadly died last year, the school and community have decided to put 3 working clock faces into the clock tower. Does anyone ever remember seeing or hearing anything about the clocks being there or have an old school photo with the clocks showing? Various local enquiries have come up with a blank. The school was built in 1928 and presumably the clocks were in situ then ... were they removed during the war? were they too heavy for the tower? any ideas or knowledge welcome.
  10. Hi there. St. Silas Church is on Broomhall Street and if you google it you get a good photo. My parents were married there and I went to have a look. It's not used as a Church now... someone said there was going to be some kind of a youth drop.in centre there... but I think plans have been shelved. If anyone has anymore info I would be interested too. There are some very clever historians/researchers on the forum. Cheers Robin
  11. A child of the 50's I can remember wearing my dad's old socks on my hands to go sledging and snowballing (I understand some schools have banned that now!) cutting cardboard insoles when I had holes in my shoes Fetching the hobbin foot on pay day and Dad repairing my one pair of shoes asking for scraps, splits or fish pieces for a few coppers The scarlet fever ambulances with red blankets Tru Fruit lollies, shaped like pears Robinade crystals in little paper sachets for a penny Whit Walks Can anyone remember the cardboard masks on the back of cornflake packets? and those plastic submarines that you put bi.carb or something in and then put them in an old pop bottle of water Playing two balls up against the school wall Playing 'Queenie o' coco' penny bars of Cadbury's chocolate skipping with someone's Mum's washing line across the road (obviously not on a Monday) Fetching a jug of beer from the side window of the pub down the road for Dad and trying not to spill any The fantastic smell of allotment bonfires
  12. I came across a picture of this on picturesheffield and I had never heard of it before... can anyone enlighten me about it. When did it operate and when did it close. I also know there was an Ecclesall Bierlow workhouse in Union Street, Nether Edge and wondered if the children from there were trained on Gell Street.
  13. Enjoyed reading this thread... brought back memories. If you asked anyone round our way where they had been or where they were going they would say 'Up Clough on't third nail'..... dont know why. Also, if you wore a hat that people thought looked too small they would say 'Tek it off, it looks like a pippin on a milestone' It still makes me wonder why I was told 'do that agen and you'll be laughing on the other side of your face!' Did you ever stand waiting for anyone looking like 'cheese at fourpence'?
  14. Thanks Retep. From what you said I remembered a photo on picture Sheffield of Broomspring Lane on the corner of Victoria Street. It says no. 50 Broomspring Lane was a licensed grocers belonging to Wm Bateman (dated around 1900) Guess g.grandad's was next to that and it is 48 and not 118. He also made a mess of writing their surname and has g.grandma down as being Francia Ann in 1981.... but in 1881 she is down as Ann. Their son William on the 1881 census aged 10 disappears from the 1891 ... no one has ever heard of him.... cant find any clues on b.m.d. Do you think he may have enlisted and been killed.... was Boer war around that time?
  15. Got my info. from 1891 census. My Great Grandad, John Robbins, lived at either 48 or 118 Broomspring Lane (handwriting hard to read) above his name is an entry for Herbert Barbour? Publican and Grocer - Masons Arms Broomspring Lane.... any ideas?
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