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  1. I lived on uttley street in the 50s the boxer billy Calvert also lived there
  2. Does anyone know if the car park at morrisons catcliffe has been cleared?
  3. anyone play in sunday regional league 1980s.
  4. It was one of the best pubs in sheffield.great juke box always busy does anyone remember the landlord called dinty. shame to see it now .
  5. I left in 68 my house name was firth the others were huntsman.chantrey.forgot the 4th.must have changed names after i left.
  6. anyone remember the horse and lion in the 70s.
  7. sorry to hear that bushbaby thanks for letting me know.
  8. we must have been there at the same time.I remember Mr Graham getting engaged i cant remember here name either.it seems a long time ago.some of the pupils i remember tom bamford.john perkins'mick nutall.david hoole.
  9. Dont think its the same family.not sure he had a sister and he lived on fitzhubert.the teachers at my time were Mr williams.Mr.bluff.Mr graham.Mr bedall who we called buggy bedall.p e teacher was called finch who was hard as nials.
  10. sorry bushbaby it was late 60s not 70s silly mistake by me.
  11. Does anyone remember Trevor Millbourne aka Kes late 70's?
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