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  1. I've just sold my house and it was advertised as a great home for 'young professionals'. Guess what? young professionals have bought it in you guessed it... Woodhouse! when we bought it we were young professionals! (Now slightly older professionals)
  2. If you ring Nhs direct they will arrange an emergency appointment for you in the Sheffield area my husband called them tuesday evening and had an appointment Wednesday afternoon this week. It's £18 something for the appointment then your treatment on top.
  3. The 52 is not running up Broom hill, Crooks or Hillsborough and is running very late.
  4. First of all it wasn't 9.30 at night, maybe if it had of been it would have been a different story boy or girl, secondary in the middle of the day why did he not get change to get on the bus with? Everyone else has to have change or they risk having to wait for the next one too what ever age.
  5. There are paedophiles every where, they too can pay to go to the swimming baths and spend time on the beach in summer. Not all paedophiles look dodgy and not all 'dodgy' looking people are paedophiles. I wouldn't particularly let my children play there but I have no issues with those that do as long as they know where there little ones are at all times, but that should be the case where ever you go.
  6. I Used to work in a nursery, the cleaners were convinced the place was haunted, the nursery had someone come in to 'move the spirits on' and 'bless the nursery'. I Left not long after that so I'm not sure if the cleaners ever met the spirits again.
  7. I think the reason is like you not many people wonder down there unless they are using it as a short cut. The rent is unjustified as they will be paying city centre rates but not getting the passer bys. I can't say I have ever made a special effort to walk down there as when I have passed the only thing half interesting is the birds yard and I don't think it's a patch on the nicolas building down shalesmoor.
  8. Yep all super markets say it if you listen, I have worked at Tesco and Asda and it means iiiiitttts tidy up time. It usually after or busy periods in the day like after the school run or just before 5pm and is usually section leaders, managers or shop floor staff.
  9. Heart breaking I hope they find who ever could do this!
  10. I used to run a school holiday Club and we took over 4's a few times even some of those were a bit frightened at the start. To be honest I don't think such a young one will benefit from going although it is a fantastic place to visit when they are a bit older. I would suggest as someone said eureka or cannon hall farm. MY little boy is a similar age I can not wait until he is old enough to go, the water area is sooo much fun
  11. The people that stand around with signs actually do a lot more than that. They are responsible for making sure that the checkouts run smoothly, they deal with complaints, price errors, who and where the checkout staff are. They also run up and down the store replacing items that need replacing ie broken packets or things customers forget, they also take all the things back that people dump when they decide they don't want it any more. They are fab and people think they just 'hold up a sign'
  12. Hi, I am looking for a regular mobile hairdresser in S13. I currently have very light blonde hair but I now want something more natural with high lights and low lights. It is just below the shoulder and I wanting cutting quite short.Does anybody know of a good mobile hairdresser that works in S13.
  13. No not the blood shot eyes, nobody mentioned the blood shot eyes until the third visit they were not mentioned in any notes, but the traumatic birth was written down on notes. Mainly because I had an infection so I needed after surgery care. At least for me social care did not contact me although this was 2 years ago so this has not improved.
  14. The same happen to us. My little one had a traumatic birth though, he also had is cord wrapped around his neck, I had to have a c-section in the end they caught him with a scalpel on his face he had to have butterfly stitches on his head. I was just so thankful that my little man was ok. We went home and had the usual 3 visits from the midwife, on the 3rd visit his blood shot eye was mentioned but he had them all along. She told me that it could be a sign that he had been shook and asked me all sorts of questions. In the end she read his notes on his birth (she seemed to believe that the blood shot eyes matched his traumatic birth(he really was all bruised and looked like a little boxer)) and added that she had spotted his eyes in his red book. Other than having to have a couple of extra visits to 'keep an eye out' nothing came of it. But it was very stressful and was Jessops fault that they had not recorded it in the first place. I have worked with children since I left school and have been a safe guarding officer at a nursery for over 5 years, and to feel like I was being accused was heart breaking. Number 2 is on its way now and this time I will request every thing is wrote on that book before I leave that hospital.
  15. I use Jems in Woodhouse they used to be m&ms (a couple of doors up) but moved in to Jems I never been disapointed yet (last year and a half) and I am very funny about who does my hair. The number if you want it is 0114 269 9898
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