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  1. Does anyone remember this address 'club fold'? It could also have been park view farm? I believe it to be or have been in wadsley but could be wisewood,middlewood,worrall or loxley.all closeby aren't they?
  2. [ [/color]Cuttsie. There is a plaque which was in the old division street fire station. Since it was demolished cannot find where it has gone to. Lovely idea for pavement THE PLAQUE MAY HAVE BEEN MOVED TO THE MUSEUM AT WEST BAR NOW CALLED THE EMERGENCY SERVICES MUSEUM,FORMERLY THE SOUTH YORKSHIRE FIRE MUSEUM.
  3. Would your White side of the family have originated from Baslow as well? Mine did and were farmers in Baslow/Bubnell and I have traced them back to Great Longstone in 1625,Mathieu White.
  4. There were Gallons shops in Broomhill and Upperthorpe/Crooksmoor wasn't there? Thank you for your answers. I have a map pf Sheffield from 1900 and Button Lane did join(or cross over) FitzWilliam street but don't know what happened after 1960 when the dual carriage way was built
  5. hank you for all the information,it has been very interesting.Probably why no-one recalls The Crown and Anchor could be that after it closed ,maybe all the items such as the inn sign were removed and no-one would know its name from then on? I have found(from info.I was given refering to sheffieldhistory.co.uk) that the pub was at the corner of FitzWilliam street and Button Lane.I do not recall this Lane but have seen it on old maps of the area and the position was where I recall the derelict building to have been.It was on the right side as I 'crossed' over Charter Row and went up FW street. On the occasions when I was with My Mom,she would point to the derelict building (which looked as though it was a former pub) and say that her Mottershaw relative ran that pub.John W. Mottershaw ran the pub when my Grandad was a young boy.Mom could have got the wrong derelict building and not sure if she knew the former name either.Going on the connection she knew about the Mottershaw running it,she could have the right building.However there do seem to have been several pubs,one on each corner which ofcourse beerhouses were. John W. Mottershaw wasn't a blood relative either his first cousin William Henry Mottershaw was Mom's great Uncle. JWm took a photo of Mom's Uncle Harry
  6. Thank you,anyway for the information i have been given so far.i am still hoping to find out if i imagined the building still being there in 1972/3?
  7. The pub had closed by the early 1970's then! By the early 1940s even! DOES anyone know if the building was still there in the early 1970s? If it was still there,DOES anyone know why it it had remained standing all those years? I know many places weren't able to be rebuilt due to lack of funding after the war but why couldn't they have knocked them down if not in use?
  8. Does anyone recall this pub still being open or the building stilling being there in the early 1970s? I seem to recall the building being there all on its own but not sure if it had closed down by then.This would be 1973.The bulding seemed to be the only building there on that part of FitzWilliam street which was the bottom part nearer to the Moor and on the left side as you went down to The Moor. I wonder if this area was flattened after bombing in The Sheffield blitz,does anyone remember that?
  9. Did anyone see the Castle Market on 'Prisoners Wives' this week? Didn't look too good on the tv! Be giving Sheffield a bad name!
  10. I never go into the city centre with the car but have mastered Manor Top now thanks to staying on Prince of Wales Road and not liking the new Cutlers bridge etc by-pass. The first time I went up to Manor top,I couldn't find out how to turn right down City Road or Eastern Bank.I got to well beyond Gleadless and then turned round by turning left. I have since seen that you go left down Mansfield Road and turn right and turn round that way!
  11. I am sorry I seem to have started something here! For those who like to go shopping down Haymarket weekly and those who have always worked there,it seems a shame that the indoor market hasn't been done up. From the view of an outsider,we can do with both.If the town is more pedestrian friendly and there is something to see for visitors,they will come into the town and perhaps spend money at the markets! People from other parts of Britain come to Meadowhall centre to do their shopping.None of them come into the city centre though! Its not as though we are talking about Johannesburg city centre and WE Sheffielders are all friendly,aren't WE!
  12. Thank you for all my replies.It has answerd what I wanted to know.I will look at the previous threads.I did try to look at them before writing my thread but nothing seemed to tell me what I wanted to know. It would be nice for the ruins to be opened up and for the area to be pedestrianised but I need to get use to the diversion road first! I find it hellish and live in fear of driving through 'bus gates'everytime I visit Sheffield!I ended up driving down a one way street the wrong way one night,a few years ago now! I had always wanted to visit the castle ruins but never got round to it. Pity about the market traders though. Hope they have somewhere else to move to soon. It did look run down 25 years ago so after over 50 years(since it was built) it must look even worse.
  13. Is sheffield castle market still there? Are the castle ruins going to be excavated? I don't live in sheffield now so can't pop down town to see whats going on!
  14. I lived in Upper Fulwood( St. Albans Road) from 1968 -1974. Lived away from Sheffield more than I have lived in it although I was born in Broomhill. I have been to many places in the World as well as in England and haven't found a place that is better than Lodge Moor and Fulwood. People in the 'south' think that Sheffield is all coal mining,steel works and flat caps! They don't know that our 'back door' leads into the Peak District, infact many haven't heard of the Peak District! They say things like "Do you mean the Derbsyhire dales?" I went to Tapton school and I recall Jane Tipper as she was in my year. I remember her going out with Gerald Culley, he lived near the church in Fulwood. He was a year or two above us.Jane moved to Sheffield from Derby so may have gone back there? I have only seen her once since I left school and she was on a bus going to Walkley!She was very friendly with Jacqui Dodds who lived near Jane.
  15. Awful about all these pubs which were named after sheffield's industry eg the whetstone,jolly buffer and little mesters. I had forgotten about the latter and still not sure where it was? The jolly buffer ,although on the main road, did also have a reputation as a 'pick up place' !at the time when i went in there many years ago,to meet my friend and go onto the disco at the back of debenhams, i stood at the side of peter sutcliffe(yorkshire ripper)! I didn't know it was a pub of ill-repute but i knew that he was the yorkshire ripper. He was caught only about 3 weeks later and i recognised him from his photos in the star! I don't know abou the little mesters as never went in there! The whetstone was more of a city centre pub and had a good reputation.
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