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  1. Good point. I have a bluetooth OBD2 doodah somewhere - will have a hunt around.
  2. Thanks TCH. The fuel light appeared a mile or two before refuelling (around 50 miles left according to the car). It's a Citroen C4 (2015), running fine beforehand. No obvious running problems afterwards, other than the engine warning and 'eco mode' being disabled.
  3. Thanks Mr B - yes, after a quick google I checked that the cap was on properly (it's attached to the flap, so I just checked for debris that could prevent a proper seal). The petrol light come on just before refuelling (~50miles left), and I only filled until the pump clicked off. Definitely filled with diesel. It seems likely that it's connected in some way to having just filled up, but I can't be sure yet that it's due to the fuel itself (hence stopping short of naming the company in question). Mainly I wanted to make sure that if anyone has a similar issue it's logged appropriately in case there's a common denominator! Cheers, T
  4. I've just filled my car with diesel at a supermarket petrol station on Abbeydale Road and within a mile or so an 'engine fault: have vehicle repaired' warning came up (no prior problems in 3 years of ownership). I'm having the car checked tomorrow and obviously it's too soon to diagnose a direct link - but just a heads up. Please make sure when filling up you (a) make sure you keep a receipt and (b) report any issues to the forecourt owners. I'm guessing they'll only be aware of potential problems (and take responsibility) if there's a pattern of similar occurrences.
  5. What great weather for it too. I've just added a couple of pics from Endcliffe park, here https://imgur.com/LqMcku4 https://imgur.com/jZvRvpO https://imgur.com/TMjfBzY https://imgur.com/boxxriU https://imgur.com/wP66alS
  6. There was a separate fire - burning tyres - by the Cadbury's factory
  7. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/police-remain-in-sheffield-street-amid-cyanide-poisoning-fears-1-9227817
  8. Also, you'll probably want to get 'trailing-edge' dimmers (rather than 'leading-edge' dimmers, which most are if they've not been installed specifically for LEDs) . Recently replaced all our halogens with LEDs, and the old (leading edge) ones did work, but made some of the bulbs buzz and flicker a bit. Screwfix was cheapest I found locally for dimmable bulbs and the new dimmers.
  9. Unfortunately it's not the case that affordability is easily proved. Case in point - when buying our first house, my wife was working as a locum doctor. Since she only had a few months' locum work behind her (previously working as a GP), they would not take any of her income into account. The irony being that as a locum she essentially had access to as much work as she was willing to take on, and could cover repayments working even a small number of shifts. Moreover, she had no risk of redundancy, whereas if I were to lose my employment (which the mortgage offers were based on), I could potentially be out of work for many months while seeking new work. I can see the logic behind lenders being cautious about self-employment, but you would think that their risk assessment would be better served by differentiating between higher and lower risk forms of self employment. ---------- Post added 17-01-2017 at 09:50 ---------- Am I correct in thinking that if you apply for a new mortgage deal with your existing lender rather than a new lender, then they won't carry out a full affordability assessment? Assuming of course that you aren't changing the amount or duration of the mortgage, but just applying for a different borrowing rate?
  10. Hi, As you've just got them, it would be a good idea to book them into a vet for a check-over, vaccinations etc anyway - they'd be best placed to give you an opinion (and to confirm gender - it can be hard to tell with rabbits!). Some vets are better than others for small animals - we take ours to Vets4Pets in Millhouses who have always been good. Even if they're both girls it might be a good idea to have them neutered, as a very high proportion develop uterine cancer within a few years. If it's possible, check what the previous owners were feeding them as well - buns can get quite ill from a sudden change of diet so it's always a good idea to transition them gently if you're giving them different food. Hope that doesn't sound too overwhelming- they make lovely pets! If you have any other queries, there's a pets section on here, or feel free to pm me.. Tom P.S. ours aren't overly excited about getting picked up either (even after 6yrs..)
  11. If you find anyone locally please do let me know as I've been looking for someone that can hone and / or teach me to do it myself.. I have a Boker razor that I bought new last year and will need honing before long, also a 19th Century Sheffield (Wade and Butcher) blade I'm restoring with new scales etc and would love to put into rotation. I asked at Seagraves barbers in Woodseats as they recently had a load of straights restored for display but sadly their guy no longer does honing. Aware of the Nottingham shop so that'll be my next stop otherwise. A shame if there's no one left in Sheffield of all places! Tommy Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android ---------- Post added 26-06-2015 at 22:33 ---------- p.s. if you don't find anywhere, I've bought from invisibleedge.co.uk who hone for about £30 return post.. Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  12. Another big thumbs up for Jeff Smith - did a great job with our loft (boarding, insulating + new hatch). Tom
  13. I'm happy to take a look.. Tom Posted from Sheffieldforum.co.uk App for Android
  14. Some cameras record their serial number in the EXIF data of photos - if it does, then you can drag one of the photos onto the site here and it'll look for other photos uploaded to the web taken with the same camera, so you might be able to trace their flickr/facebook/other account.. http://www.stolencamerafinder.com/ Often doesn't work but worth a shot.. ---------- Post added 16-10-2014 at 13:16 ---------- A (probably better) alternative is to hand it in to the police - with any luck it's been reported lost..
  15. Have a look on https://www.airbnb.co.uk/s/Sheffield--United-Kingdom as well - quite a few people offering rooms for short to long term..
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